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  • greatday43 greatday43 Jan 25, 2013 12:44 AM Flag

    Cadillac ATS

    Ok boys and girls. Eat your hearts out. I absolutely love my new ATS Performance Edition 3.6. I traded my Grand Prix GXP (a friend bought it from the dealer 2 day later). Both of us are thrilled. I'm learning "CUE" by doing things I use immediately and then playing with other less important functions. The fuel economy is way beyond expectations. Uses regular only. The smallest details in the design are way interesting and very impressive. Great interior. Love the HID leadlights, in particular. They turn with the steering position. Love the front and rear view camera. Etc - etc - etc. I've added a set of chrome wheels 17" from Discount Tire and gorgeous Lloyd's 48 oz mats. Those mats are very good and very durable.

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    • this is how yous buys this bmw knockoff. yous goes into the dressing room at the second hand shop off of main, near 96th street. bang twree times on the mirror and viola, the mirror is a door. yous walks in and they are all over the place. any color you want. ask for vinnie. tell him i said to give you a good deal. oh he also sell rolex's and louis viton stuff. can't go wrong, there all genuine stuff... capisce?

    • Yea, everything from GM is good including Chevrolet Cavalier, even Pontiac Sunfire. I heard many times from GM lovers said the Cavalier and Sunfire look better than Lexus FLA or Nissan GTR. They said FLA and GTR are ugly. You know what I take it.

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    • Well, not quite eating my heart out here.

      For fitty grand, I'd expect a car I can take more than one adult with me. And a suitcase or two.

      I'm not sure why GM insisted on that stupid CUE system since almost every review I've read says it's not driving friendly; ie, not intuitive, and laggy. That would bug me in a $50k car.

      They say it has bad tactile feedback, so you have to take your eyes off the road.

      For fifty large I expect far more than just very good handling.


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      • 2 Replies to the_moolah_mullah
      • Apparently. You missed the memo. These small high performance sedans are NOT intended for a family of 5 with small children. When was the last time you observed a BMW 3 series with a child's safety seat in the rear seat area? HUH? Frankly rear seat size and/or trunk size simply make zero difference in my situation. During the 6 years I owned my Grand Prix GXP, perhaps the rear seat was used once a year. I used the folding rear seat back vastly more - the ATS doesn't have this feature. A passthru only. I'll live over it. LOL
        As I become more accustomed to CUE, it's easier and easier to use. I really like CUE and know going forward it'll be more and more useful. It's just like learning my iPhone5 and iPad. I might be approaching 70 years old, but I'm not an old foogie by any measure. I love my gadgets and take pride in the learning process. My closest friend is 85 this year and loves his new XTS and CUE. He took advantage of the Cadillac provided videos at his dealer prior to delivery. And was ready.

        What amazes me most? How agile the ATS really is. Sharp as could be. Drives really well and rides nicely. And jeez, it's fast. Beautifully put together, everything fits together as it should. I cannot find mistakes. Just like as with my friend's XTS. Real craftmanship.

        The coming ELR is a stunner. WOW

      • "Well, not quite eating my heart out here"

        Certainly you would agree that every luxury maker has a car this size and price range, so your criticism of the size is not quite valid. As to the car itself, why not drive one and fairly evaluate it? I vaguely recall, back in the good old days when you were still Web, you fairly reported on an Impala that you had rented.

        You're not too far gone in your dislike of all things GM to do that, are you?

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