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  • wtfrevs4 Feb 9, 2013 9:34 PM Flag

    When the older GM buyers pass on who will buy GM product?

    Everyday on the road I see more and more younger drivers opting to screw America by purchasing imports or domestically built foreign vehicles. Once we lose our real Americans all we'll have left is a second class country. Most immigrants buy foreign, too bad we are dumb enough to let in Asians and Islamers and Punjabi's. Today's youth care little about the country only their so called smart phones and their social networks mean anything to them.

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    • Most Americans see the UAW as a pimp skimming profits from the automakers and dues from its not too intelligent rank and file.

    • (((opting to screw America by purchasing imports)))

      Yeah, even jeye is driving an import now. Apparently he can't handle your UAW-built products either.


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    • winona_wizard Feb 11, 2013 8:19 AM Flag

      Sad but true

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    • I am counting on jeye going soon.

    • itswhatsintheboxthatcounts Feb 10, 2013 5:19 PM Flag

      All immigrants should be forced to buy American made vehicles or get deported back to Iraq or Islam.

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    • Who buys it now? I see you shipping product out to dealers to claim sales, but with 737,885 vehicles on GM dealer lots, it doesn't seem like much buying is going on.

      And don't sell the older folks short. They too are waking up. They are buying non-GM cars by the thousands. I know so many that won't touch a GM again. I see older Americans at the grocery store or church parking lots getting into their Camry Hybrids. These are people over 70.

      Perhaps it is partially due to GM's arrogant attitude. Your attitude of 'we deserve your business' and 'you're a traitor if you don't buy our #$%$' are two of the exact reasons people are saying NO to GM by the millions. It's hilarious to watch you people blaming the CUSTOMER for not wanting your product.

      It used to be just on the coasts, but now when I go home to the midwest, it's EVERYbody.

      It's so strange how you thought you could screw us over and over and we'd still come back. Then you try to put the guilt onto your victims. Fortunately they are far smarter than you stooges are.


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      • Just look at the recent article in yahoo where Ford wants to share in upgrades for dealer and customers benefit without all the strings attached that GM requires with their EBE program. They still don't understand it is easier to pull a chain rather than push it. This goes back to the entrenched arrogance of the old GM.

      • Spiny mouse,

        With your tiny lungs, it seems you're as big a WINDBAG as ever. What's funny is that the current DATA doesn't support your WINDBAGGED-ness!

        "It's so strange how you thought you could screw us over and over and we'd still come back."

        You see, spiny mouse, GM's sales continue to be more than other OEMs EVERY month, almost without exception. Even when it was REALLY bad a few years ago.

        Now, GM has well-developed their "fortress" balance sheet, their GLOBAL product development, their regional products with even more great vehicles being introduced seemingly every month. You also have NO idea what's going on right now within the walls of GM - I can't say but you should be pleased when you find out more. It's kinda what most investors would be pleased with.

        Lastly, I strongly encourage you to read Bob Lutz's latest book, Car Guys vs. Bean Counters. It's quite fascinating and I know that you will truly appreciate the candor, some inside info that Bob had to share. It's an easy read. It does indeed support some of your positions regarding your feelings about GM but I'll suggest that your feelings may change a bit once through the book. I just "rented" it through my local library and downloaded it on my Kindle. I liked it so much that I'm going to purchase the hardcover.

        Please consider it as you are one of the more rational bashers here. I COULD provide some more ammo but you may find yourself restraining yourself a bit.

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      • Not to mention when the patronizing dolts try and hide behind our flag.

    • Have you noticed that non-American born people including European, Russian etc... won't buy American cars, why? They know which car is better and which car they can keep longer even with floormats and recalls. Almost all of European won't touch American brands at all. They either buy European or Japanese brands. Jews and Chinese love Japanese cars. But why Chinese prefer GM car in China, Guess what? Those cars are made in China. Only blacks, old time white folks and truck owners who never own Japanese brands and GM employees still buy GM cars.

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      • 5 Replies to i_trade_stock_naked
      • Um. Let me see here. I'm not black, don't own a truck and I don't consider myself an old time white folk. What I am is a devoted GM owner - who receives and has received excellent service from my GM vehicles. I've nothing against Ford and am very impressed by the new Lincoln MKZ and I'm very impressed by the Chrysler 300. The John Varvados Edition of the 300 is drop dead gorgeous - the most beautiful leather interior I've seen in ages.

        I am not at all impressed with Accord and Camry. Both have histories of very serious quality control problems with enormous recalls. Millions and millions of vehicles involved.

        I don't understand Ford's stumble with their new 1.6 I4 turbo EcoBoost. Big oops there. Ford addressed the issue immediately, took the involved vehicles off the road giving owners loaners while the situation was corrected. A+ service.

      • CLUELESS! Love it. Please post more of this garbage. You are great!

      • "Only blacks, old time white folks and truck owners who never own Japanese brands and GM employees still buy GM cars."

        Yet you, and other basher-boneheads, ignore the fact that GM still sells more vehicles in the US than any other OEM, and not by just a little.

        You're "claim" is basically, bovine fecal matter...

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      • ((((Have you noticed that non-American born people including European, Russian etc... won't buy American cars, why?))))
        ANS: That has certainly been my experience here in Southern California. They like Asian cars better. The wealthier Asians I see may buy their wives a big black Mercedes (they really like black and silver for some reason). But I DO definitely notice that my normal income Asian friends do NOT buy GM cars. Almost EVER. They occasionally buy BMW or Audi or Porsche, but normally they favor Japanese cars. The family next to me is Asian; they own one Porsche, two Toyotas and a Honda. That is a typical pattern.

        ((((They know which car is better and which car they can keep longer even with floormats and recalls.))))
        ANS: I do not think they necessarily evaluate all cars or are even mechanically qualified to judge what is better. It just seems to be the word of mouth in the Asian culture to believe Japanese cars are better. It may or may not be based on reality. I don't know if most of them could name 3 real reasons for their attitude. But GM is definitely a low status option, and status is a big deal to this demographic.

        So that is a fact -- you RARELY if EVER see an Asian in a newer GM car out here.


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      • I was once devoted to American brands, GM and Ford, but both brands screwed me over that can no longer afford to lose my time and money and risk my life over junky American brands so I switched to Japanese with my eyes closed and those Japanese brands changed my purchase for good. It's big 3's fault who neglect the quality. I look back; today, even an ugly and terrible Japanese or Korean cars with numerous recalls are still better than the big 3 cars in the 70's, 80's and 90's or even in the 21th century, you can still find #$%$ big 3 cars.

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