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  • the_moolah_mullah the_moolah_mullah Feb 15, 2013 12:14 PM Flag

    Money spent to 'save' UAW jobs cost jobs elsewhere

    Do you think that bailout money came free? No, someone else had to, or more accurately, WILL have to work extra hours someday, or go without, just so that the UAW could get paid off. Every dollar going to the govt is 30% wasted so all you did was gum up the gears by giving Federal assistance to Obama's pet companies, to the great disadvantage of other companies who ask only for a fair chance to succeed. Then you wonder why some people who GET this despise the UAW and want them to go out of existence. I can see there are many many of them on here now who are far more resentful of the UAW than I ever was. And I can't blame them! They are right.


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    • unions got our money once, they wont get it again from me. i wont be buying gm ever. tally ho!

    • You are too kind. Gov't waste is at least over 50%. When I worked for the gov't, a short time, most of what the agency I worked for was doing was a waste. It's main goal was to pacify complaining public.

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      • Continued. The job I had was to determine the problems the agency had. What was causing the inefficiency. We determined in less than a year what all of the problems were.
        At the time we had 10 employees that reported all of the problems, that was 30 years ago, I understand the unit now has about 100 employees still with the same goal. No idea what they do other than review the problems that were uncovered. The same problems still exist.

    • "Then you wonder why some people who GET this despise the UAW and want them to go out of existence."

      Is it a California sickness? GM has added Taxpayers, plus UAW worker all pay taxes. McDonald and most of Walmart onlt pay social Security and Medicae taxes

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      • GM would have re formed and been able to build cars at a reasonable cost basis . And sell them at a much lower cost. In the long run it would have taken sales from all the Korean, German, Japenese cars . Instead we gave raises to GM white collar workers , bonus pay outs to Union and nothing has changed. In 20 years GM will be bankrupt again . The old idea of forever was a myth . I thought it over and since I was a kid look at all the bankrupt companies that nobody thought would go under. KMART, Woolworth , Hostess, US Steel, Zenith. Glenfed, Leman Brothers, Concenco, CHI CHI, and so many more.
        Some rise from the ashes some do not but GM fooled everybody they stuck the stock holder and bond holder and nobody else got hurt ???????????? If they had changed their ways and cut UNION out and cut salary of all then ok but what happened was a total sham.

      • I'd rather let taxpayers who EARNED that money buy what they want.
        GM got federal tax offsets. Why not give a company who PAYS taxes a tax break?


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