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  • drstone3 Feb 17, 2013 1:48 PM Flag

    Yes One Reason why Obama Won 2nd term --- Free Stuff ---- We the working folks get to pay for now.

    Why Obama won in 2012. Free stuff working folks will have to pay for with higher taxes.
    See your smaller check this week

    What Obama promised for all those liberal votes he received in 2012.

    Free Welfare Money

    Free Housing

    Free Dental Care

    Free Food

    Free Health Care

    Free Computers

    Free Day Care

    Free School Breakfasts

    Free School Lunches

    Free Cell Phones

    Free Summer Camp

    Free Bus Passes

    Free Money For Reading A Book

    AND then have to pay NO Income Tax whatsoever on any of their unearned income ?

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    • Your post about higher taxes is a fraud. The SS deduction went back to its normal, actuary set, value. That has nothing to do with free anything.

    • This is Republican mythology and the propaganda of losers against democracy itself. That may be understandable given the past success of their politics in the Confederate culture area. There for generations they raised racially based distracted mobs while the real players cleaned the table. As they go national they try religion and age groups. But they realize they have no future from the demographics.

      Most of the Republican posters here are ROWGs - Raging Old White Guys with lots of time. So now their only plan for US finances and the economy is to cut US life expectancy by years. Even that won't work for long given their other policies, but they figure that the older people will vote the Republican name whatever they do. Are they right?

      There is a much greater danger that money will buy Congress, not that Congress will buy the people with their own money. That's how Washington works in general, especially the Republicans. Their last Presidential campaign was mostly financed by rich wanna-be plutocrats. The vehicles for that were a few funds like Karl Rove's American Crossroads or his anonymous Crossroads GPS, or the US Chamber of Commerce funds under Donahue.

    • When you promise more freebies and continued freebies and the other party wants to cut, guess which way the recipient of the freebies will vote, because they think they deserve the freebie.

    • That's the reason he got a bunch of votes. the rest ccame from what is still a white majority that couldn't buy into all of the silly, bigoted stuff the Republican party is now associated with.

    • This was the message from an upper level mgr when I was working for gov't, "Always vote your pocket book".
      What he said if you don't understand it is, "Vote for that politician that will increase your benefits". The same thing goes for those people on welfare.

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