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  • the_moolah_mullah the_moolah_mullah Feb 19, 2013 3:13 PM Flag


    Now I'm talking about GM's stock price. Down we go-o-o-o! Woo-hoo! Down over a dollar since "earnings" came out.
    What a sick joke on the investing community this stock is. How could you people trust GM after what they did to their bondholders last time?
    Do you think shareholders are in line to eat before management?
    Do you think they are going to eat before the UAW?
    Do you think they are going to eat before the government?
    The Canadians?
    The UAW Medical Trust?
    The answer is............."Nope!"
    You may catch a crumb or two but anything beyond that you are lucky to see.


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    • Moo-clo-webbie, why do you insist on beating an American Co. to death? Where is your hatred for Co's like A123 or Fisker, who have taken the US money and appear to be running away with it? How about the solar Co's that took tax money and folded or moved to China? It would appear that winger and percy have blown holes in your multi point attack on the GM earnings report. I will leave that to them, they are far smarter than me. But I can clearly see that you enjoy being the" BAD" guy on this board.Are you mallen? You have the same disgruntled attitude. Oh well, large, gold plastic bowties, for you!!

    • Maybe GM should move its headquarter to Japan. Oh #$%$ Japan is closed

    • "... Now I'm talking about GM's stock price ..."

      Wait, myth maker! Let's not jump from one myth to the next. Did you find GM's 10-K and find out about GM's equity income in China? Let's bust your "$200 million equity income" myth #37 first, and then we are free to move on to myth #38. Makes sense?

    • PS I forgot the Chinese. They are going to get all GM's technology, then mark my words, they will invent some sort of pretext to boot them out of the country.

      Why would GM EVER fool themselves that China is simply going to allow foreigners to take their money?


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      • Here's one of the few points that I agree with spiny mouse.

        If there's a silver lining in that cloud it will be that ALL OEMs will be affected by that "pretext".

        Say, is a pretext something you do right before actually texting? Like making sure that all the emoticons that need to be used are actually available?!?!?


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      • web, will they learn Toyota Recall system.

      • "Why would GM EVER fool themselves that China is simply going to allow foreigners to take their money?"

        Why would you assume that GM hasn't thought of that? It's been discussed many times, even when I worked there. As I said earlier, 23% return on equity for 20 years is nothing to turn your back on. If they do decide to buy out GM's equity it will be a HUGE return to GM due to the increased value and growth since the inception of the JVs. As far as transferred technology, contrary to what the sage MAllen used to say (as always without much basis in fact), there is no secret technology transferred. Sure, stuff you can figure out from the internet is available to them but the really secret stuff is NOT transferred. Actually there really isn't that much that isn't fairly widely known.

        You may have also noticed that one of the JVs in China is the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center Co. It is a 50/50 JV between GM and the Chinese to develop new technologies to be shared by both. PATAC has developed very interesting stuff, much of which is still unknown to other companies. One thing China has no shortage of is technical expertise. Their typical engineering people are quite smart and are technically superior to those in the US, particularly in electronics. We are probably gaining more than them. Their short fall is in applied technology which is what we bring to the party. To think that they wouldn't have caught on anyway is delusional.

        I'm sure that as time goes on and the Chinese begin to feel more comfortable in the practical side of building cars, they will be tempted to buy us out, so what, it has still been an enormously profitable thing to do. You can thank Jack Smith and yes, Rick Wagoner for taking GM there.

      • "... Why would GM EVER fool themselves that China is simply going to allow foreigners to take their money? ..."

        Mullah, why is your reasoning developed like that of a spiny mouse? Why in your little mind would allow China foreign investement into their country?

      • By the way, MAllen predicted this years ago also.


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