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  • smart2244 smart2244 Jun 13, 2013 1:14 PM Flag

    In 1950 Detroit had 1.8 million people

    Today Detroit has 600,000 people. GREAT JOB GM. Motor city turned to slums!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Chrysler was the really big operator in Detroit. GM had some operations in the Detroit area; Cadillac,
      headquarters, GM Tech (I believe was in Warren--maybe it still is.) Flint was dominated by GM and has
      really gone down the tube--according to some of my neighbors who still have ties to the area. Ford
      dominated the south side: Dearborn.

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      • " Flint was dominated by GM and has really gone down the tube--according to some of my neighbors who still have ties to the area."

        Your neighbors are correct. Two strikes drove GM out of Flint. The first one was the Buick City/Powertrain strike in 1994. Local 599 went on strike for more jobs and the elimination of subcontracting at Buick City and the adjoining Powertrain plants. The second was the 1998 strike by Locals 659 and 651 at the Flint Metal Fab plant. This strike was a huge mistake on the part of the union, in an earlier contract the union had agreed to end 'pegged' production rates in return for additional part allocations. Management meet their obligations, the union did not. The only thing that the ended the strike was GM filed a grievance to the NLRB saying it was an illegal strike. The union knew it was and capitulated before the arbitrator ruled. If the arbitrator had found against the union, it would have cleared the way for GM to sue the union for the cost of the strike and it would have broken the union.

        I was intimately involved in one of these strikes and I can assure you it was the final straw that nearly eliminated the UAW in Flint, and unfortunately, the city as well. Because the union knew it was in trouble, part of the deal was that issues in many other plants not connected with the strike went away also. After that the UAW settled down a bit, but it was too late...the damage was done.

        BTW, yes, the Tech Center is still in Warren (which borders Detroit) and is bigger than ever. A few years ago a new Vehicle Engineering Center Building (commonly called the VEC) was completed.

    • Well, let's see. Smartie pants had far more brain cells at birth than he has today. Thanks to years binging on the bottle, he's got only maybe half now and with no way of recovering those lost cells.

      Detroit at least can experience a revival.

    • Just goes to show that unions are only good for ACTIVE members. They destroy everything for everyone else.

    • Detroit's population and GM's financial/sales success are diverging metrics and have nothing to do with each other.

      Take your #$%$-whining over to the Detroit message board. Please search for it and whine there...

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