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  • jeyebolt2003 jeyebolt2003 Aug 21, 2013 12:26 AM Flag


    Welcome to the GM message board. We need more people that care about American companies. I kept telling these haters on this board they should spend some time on a final assembly lime.They think is in a nice clean air condition office

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    • Jeye, I usually post information from sources I have read, sometimes inside Ford, sometimes inside trade sources, sometimes in the public. I also talk about my experiences. I like to believe I am objective in my perspectives. I also like to correct misperceptions, like the guy who tightens 1 or 2 bolts and that's it. There are no such jobs today, nor has there been for a while, but many people who like to hate the UAW wax romance with that description.

      That being said, from what I've read so far you and I do not agree on a lot of things. Perhaps we've had very different experiences, maybe you worked in the industry in a different era, but we do not share a lot of the same views.

      I do care about American companies. Yes, I think spending a day on the assembly lines would be a HUGE eye opener for many people. I remember the first 2 weeks on the line where you can hardly walk out to your car at the end of the shift. I drive a stick and I had to rest for a while before I could lift my leg to push in the clutch. New hires are taught 1/2 of a job and when they get it down pretty well, sometimes by lunch time, and then are told after lunch they will be shown the rest of the job, they cannot believe they are supposed to do more after it took them 5 hours to be able to do half of it.

      I know a guy who works at the Lordstown plant and he told me they thought about putting in a revolving door for all the new hires who walked off the line, or just plain didn't come back, within days or weeks, sometimes mere hours, of starting on the line. The jobs were not what their parents told them it would be......just putting 2 bolts on, LOL!!!!!!



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      • "Jeye, I usually post information from sources I have read, sometimes inside Ford, sometimes inside trade sources, sometimes in the public."
        I retired from GM on July 1 1994 as a Machine Repair Machinist. I paid Union Dues when I started at $5.00 a month. I don't remember what year the Union went to 2 hours a month.
        My starting pay on production in 1963 was $2.59 a hour after 90 days it went up to $2.69 January 16 1969. I started a apprenticeship at $3.38. I was at GM for 10 years before I made $10,000 a Year in 1973.. When the new Equal rights laws came in in late 1965 or 66 this took a toll on Labor and management when the company had to hire by the numbers game. Before the new laws GM hired a lot of farm boys. What hurt the Auto companies here was the Government laws and regulations first company miss management excess salary and then Union demands. I paid Union dues, but I worked for GM not the Union . I believe in a Open mine and Common Sense what is laking in this country anymore. wngr was upper management I respect most of his views and give him thumbs ups on most post. We can't keep shipping jobs and want what's left to work for less, but ask them to pay more taxes. Do you remember the statement divde and conquer. My opinion this is what is happening.

    • Yes beg in desperation for more souless scheming Detroit demons that support your fleecing ways. What a total loser you are.


    • Most Americans would care about American companies if they put out good products for a reasonable wage. But some workers want to make $100,000 a year to tighten a bolt or sweep a floor. Then if somebody offends them they don't tighten the bolt to specs or they sweep the dirt under the rug.

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      • Just some perspective, NOBODY just tightens "a bolt." If that is what the jobs were like there wouldn't be so many people getting hip replacements, new shoulders, knew knees, carpal tunnel, develop a limp, lose use of their hands, and more. I would love for someone like you to come into the plant and just walk down the assembly line and ask each worker what they have medically wrong with them, and stop when you find someone who doesn't have something. At least you will get to see the entire plant.

        Floors are swept (and all associated work) by outside contractors. The UAW approved this a couple contracts ago. If you wanted to speak intelligently about your views of the industry you would have been keeping up with what is going on as it happens.

        The auto workers who swept the floor before that were the highest seniority workers, with the most wear and tear on otheir bodies. People ask you to help them get into Ford, they will sweep floors even just to get in. We tell them no, new bodies go on the line to get eaten up, sweeping the floors is for the people who've already sacrificed their bodies. Well, that's gone now. In a sense I think it is for the better, let someone esle come in and get a good paying job......but that pay isn't good anymore. Congress, and the public got what they wanted, without knowing what the work is like.


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