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  • qqq4422 qqq4422 Sep 20, 2013 9:52 AM Flag

    15 hours personality_less and no answers

    79,000 UAW members lose their jobs Detroit goes belly up Taxpayers will lose almost 12 billion from bailout and personality_less says this was good. Stock sits about one point above IPO 3 years later. Look like dead money if you invested in GM TSLA up over 400% in less than a year and no UAW No union rules and the cars will go 200 miles before they need a plug in. Volts go 37 miles if you dont use gasoline.2010 2011 2012 2013 same old car no real changes 2014 car will be the same. Same old GM push inferior products and have paid UAW posters with no answers doing the spin game again!

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    • I'll consider answering your questions provided that they are intelligent AFTER you retract the 5 LIES in a row that you posted.

      Buy GM
      Be happy

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      • No lies so no retract. Why would anyone buy a government owned bailed out company. Since IPO stock one point above opening day price. Pays no dividend. From 8 divisions to 4 divisions. Taxpayers about to lose 20 Billion dollars from bailout. UAW lost 79,000 members even with bailout. UAW wants caddy health care while everyone else gets OBAMA care. From producing over 5 million North American cars in 1979 which was 52 % of North American market to 2012 They had 12% of North America market and sold 2.59 million cars in North America. REAL FACTS NO UAW LIES. FACE REALITY! Of the 2.59 million GM name plated cars how many were imports. GM not talking as usually. Give the insiders some more free shares that they cash out real fast. Same GM nothing ever changes!

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