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  • robert_dinero_here robert_dinero_here Oct 4, 2013 1:41 PM Flag


    Why isn't Toyota doing its own tests with the identical test equipment BEFORE they produce the car, to ensure it will pass all govt tests with flying colors?

    I would have to assume a multi-billion dollar multi-national does exactly that.


    Possible answers
    a) They have no engineering talent? (Don't make me laugh)
    b) They had the tables turned on them

    Now, put your conspiracy hats on for this....

    Let's just say, the govt were to give US makers tips on passing the tests. Is that so shocking that no one in the government would ever do it? You know, to give our boys a little home field advantage? ("This is where the sensors are going to be mounted. This is where the wall will impact your car. This is where cars tend to fail. This is a zone we don't really measure. These are the error characteristics of the accelerometers we use.")

    Do you think the US Govt would never consider that? Would that really be 'unfair' from an Obama government official's eyes? Do you think they would never 'stoop to that'?

    If they didn't, I would be amazed at their lack of creativity and naivete. This is war. Toyota is the enemy. You use every trick in the book, then write new books with new tricks and use those, too.

    I'm an ex-military guy, and if I wanted to eff Toyota up, and help US companies, I could leak some 'inside information' about how the cars will be tested, and let Toyota think they know exactly how this will be done. Let them optimize their designs to that. You know, float some disinformation. It's very easy and could be completely unofficial and easily denied. Then Toyota uses the information seizes the opportunity to get an advantage in testing. Toyota designs their car on those assumptions.

    Then the US tests the cars just a little differently than they led Toyota to expect. LOL! Sorry, pal! You fail!

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    • With the in-depth review of crashed cars even before the official NHTSA crash testing (before the car is made publically available), the manufacturers have a good idea of how their car will perform. From the manufacturer's reviews of NHTSA crashed vehicles of the past they have a good idea of where strength and weaknesses are and what cost them a higher rating. All of the info you listed that NHTSA could sneak to American auto makers is already known by all auto makers.

      Now, why the 2014 Camry did not do so well is puzzling. I know Toyota wanted to redo the Camry quickly after the previous incarnation was given poor reviews for appeal qualities, perhaps it was just Toyotas haste to get a new car out there? Perhaps their quality "halo" is expected to keep sales of the new car up?


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      • Ok, someone else posted in another topic that the new Camry did bad in testing. I did some reading and found It is actually the new Corolla that did bad in testing. I guess Toyota has not redone the Camry yet, after the lukewarm reception that the new design got in 2011.

        Also, the test it did not do well in is not the Government NHTSA test but arther the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety testing.

        What all this means is that the new Corolla design could not have been a rushed design. The specific test it did poorly on was the new small overlap test, which many car companies are being surprised by.


    • web, you can write a book on a Government conspiracy, but it was Toyota that hired X Government employees to take advantage of Government Laws

    • And if they AREN'T doing this, WHY AREN'T THEY?!!


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