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  • mashone1969 mashone1969 Oct 5, 2013 5:17 PM Flag

    A Question for GM Salaried Employees

    The Old GM (pre BK) had a rotten culture that was arrogant, ignored the customers, and dif to much busy work to keep the bloated management staff busy. I would like to hear from the engineers and low level management (supervisors & managers) how things are now. Did GM learn anything from going bankrupt and have they cleaned up the culture issues?


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    • Modern labor law being what it is, employers cannot hire and fire at will. Therefore, large companies
      are pretty much stuck with prior personnel decisions. Besides that, it is very hard work to work up
      the documentation to terminate an unsatisfactory employee. What I would like to know is, are they even
      terminating folks who go through rehab and subsequently fail drug or alcohol screening.

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      • bunkferd,
        I worked for many years in a large company and observed the reluctance to confront a problem employee. When I had such an employee, I faced the choice of putting up with this person until I moved on (leaving him to my successor) or doing the work to build a case to fire him. It actually wasn't all that hard to do. The HR folks had just been flamed by an employee attitude survey that questioned why these problem performers were allowed to drag down the hard workers. They were actually very helpful and made sure that we gave the employee an opportunity to defend himself, offered remedial action, and when that failed, agreed to terminate him for cause.

        This was a healthy event for the company and, in the long run, the ex-employee.


      • When it comes to salaried employees at the plant level, while the big turmoil was going on in the auto industry at Ford, where I work, a salaried employee would be tapped on the shoulder by Security and taken to the front of the building. Their personal items were gathered up for them (they were not permitted to go back to their desk) and brought to them, and they were told they were fired. Good-bye.


    • Reading the employee comments posted here the answer is clearly no.

    • "Did GM learn anything from going bankrupt and have they cleaned up the culture issues?"


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