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  • robert_dinero_here robert_dinero_here Oct 9, 2013 10:39 AM Flag


    So far I don't see anything about it that clearly sucks.
    I would not mind a model without that stupid Chevy golden bowtie logo on the front, but it looks good otherwise.
    I have seen two of them now, out here in SoCal.

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    • "So far I don't see anything about it that clearly sucks"

      Wow, high praise for a GM vehicle from you!

      OK, time for a little name dropping. I met Bob Lutz at a wine tasting a couple of years ago and we somehow got talking about engines. I told him I thought the old Buick V6 (3800) was one of the all time great engines, even though GM got beat up by the critics for keeping it too long. He agreed and said he was sad to see it go but it was just too heavy & inefficient to survive.

      Anyway, we talked about all the new cars & trucks in the pipeline, and he was most enthusiastic about the new Impala. His exact words, as I recall them, were "Just wait, this will be the best car GM has ever built!"

      Pretty cool!

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • One thing about motors like that: you can buy a used car with one, and if you know that's the motor, you know you can buy the car and probably not have big maintenance issues.

        I have the Ford Modular V8 4.6 in my old beast and that's a pretty good motor too. It was a big reason for buying my current car.


      • You are right about the 3800. They used it in Pontiacs and Olds cars too. it was almost bulletproof.

        One story I heard from a GM Milford test track guy was they had an old mule they needed to junk because they were done with it. But you can't scrap it with fuel and liquids in it.

        So they ran one to use up the gas and actually it ran idling without oil for hours. Finally they drained the coolant completely and it still ran about 10 more minutes before seizing.

        Those motors had a lot of power and gave surprising mileage too. My dad had one in his 89 Olds Regency Brougham. (yes, it WAS my father's Oldsmobile.) It was a great motor. The rest of the car would fall apart, but not that motor.


    • Nice but over priced.

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