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  • japeyeball japeyeball Oct 13, 2013 1:34 AM Flag

    GM is becoming a Gyno Motor

    and GM lovers are idiots and why they are idiots? They are the ones bashing women and they hate small cars and guess what GM is making more and more small cars and they are hiring more and more women. Last time, GM was planning to hire more female engineers and now they are talking about having a new female CEO.
    GM supporters are nothing but brainless hypocrites.

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    • Hey BOZO, I was getting 8 mpg in my silverado,I TRADED IT IN for a NEW ONE !
      It Gets 12 MPG ! Thats a %50 Gain !!! AWSOME!
      ave a HAPPYDAY an dont get in my way with the 4 cylinder #$%$ U drive!!!

    • Wow, what a terrific post!

      In the first two sentences you lay out your controversial thesis, and then proceed to supply undeniably powerful and exhaustive supporting documentation. I must admit that I am a GM supporter that honestly never suspected that I was a brainless hypocrite who bashes women and hates small cars until you forced me to face my ugly biases with your direct and strongly worded, yet inescapably accurate accusations.

      Thank you! After some serious soul searching, I vow to change my ways!

      Sentiment: Buy

      • 2 Replies to cheblammo
      • {{Wow, what a terrific post! }}

        Wow, these guys own you Cheblammo. How can you possibly argue with their inescapable logic, well organized presentation, and data supported conclusions?

        I bet you'll think twice before you take on these knuckle-draggers again. Let that be a lesson to you, never ever engage Japeyeball again. Heck even his name should be a warning for the intellect hiding just beneath the surface.

      • whatever, how about GM supporters are arrogant POJ?
        I never forget, when a Hummer was at its peak, GM supporters think that small cars are for women or a little.They acted as if GM was a manly man's world and acted like they were born from a pen!$ hole. Women/Man words were used to describe and intimidate drivers of small vehicle. You can list hundreds of words that these guys used against smaller and fuel efficient car drivers. My goal was to cut down the consumption of fuel. Since a huge Bankruptcy, these idiots change their tone because GM too make more small cars, but these guys are still arrogant as hell.

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