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  • bobby_mcgee_janis bobby_mcgee_janis Feb 21, 2014 3:17 PM Flag

    VW workers made it very clear why they voted against the UAW - the UAW puts companies out of business


    How clear and honest can they be. Look at what happened. The UAW puts GM car lines out of business, company goes BK, and the UAW gets a free share of what's left thanks to a President who thinks he has a right to give the company away as he see's fit.

    Why would anyone support an anti-free market group?

    The FEDs money printing is doing the same to private lenders, putting them out of business. No person can afford to lend moneys at low rates to dead beats. It's financial suicide, the Fed can burden the taxpayer and not think twice about the damage. It's called inflation.

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