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  • mandan14shooter mandan14shooter Apr 21, 2014 10:36 AM Flag

    Designed by GOD....

    i've lost many a brain cell over the years drinking too many Black Label and assorted beers, Tyrolia, Boones Farm and cheap wines and other commodities, but i think GOD is a Car Guy. HE must have designed the Duesenberg, a few Packards, a few Ferrari's, a few Jaguar's (who else could have designed the 67 XKE??) and in 63, HE tripled HIS designs with the Split Window, 63 1/2 Ford 427's and the Impala 2-dr. Hardtop 409's.
    A neighbor and member of our gang somehow bagged a beautiful, metallic brown 63 Impala 2-dr hardtop with the 425 horse package, two 4's and 4 speed. WICKED would have been an appropriate name for that car. His older brother was built like a tank, so his name was Tank and i gave the name "Jeep" to our buddy, who built like a Jeep. i had a 35 Ford 2-dr. sedan at that time with a 322 Buick, 4- barrel engine. It had two bucket seats for an interior, with no back seat, door panels or headliner and with the stock 3-speed top cover and 411 closed drive shaft rear end. i blew at least three trannys racing before i learned to start the qtr mile, rolling about 5 mph. We had two junk yards just west of town, where those old trannys could be bought for 25 bucks. i pulled the top cover to look at the gears, but never knew if the car would jump out of gear until i had it in there. We had a qtr mile strip just over the bridge, going out to Fort Mckeen. A third person would call out "GO" and with that light car and right gears, i would jump a car length right away. i had beaten the best cars out there, including 383 Plymouths, 389 Pontiacs and a guy with an Edsel and a big mouth coughed up 20 bucks in a loss. i was so far ahead of him, i could barely see his headlights at the end of the qtr.
    i knew racing Jeep was going to be the toughest race. Like all the other races, i jumped a car length at the start and barely held on at the finish, when he shot by me like a rocket. i think so many of us were born just at the right time in History....Thank GOD...

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