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  • wilhelm_meister2003 wilhelm_meister2003 Jul 16, 2004 2:39 PM Flag



    Your $25 prediction was quite accurate.

    Do you still intend to buy "with both hands"?


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    • glenxx,

      Not to get political on you or anything, but your last comment is your stupidest. The government is certainly bigger now under all Reps than it was 4 years ago. The only difference is that we are paying by credit card (ok treasury debt), istead of focussing on balanced budget like we did in the Clinton years under mostly Dems. If you want to rant, at least get your facts straight

      BTW - Same is true for Reagan years - spending and govenment UP, debt UP vs. previous years.

    • It would be naive to think that Haliburton does not benefit from Cheney or vice versa.

      The club of the elite is quite exclusive. It is not easy to enter and once you enter they take care of each other. That is the way they consolidate their power. Crony capitalism is rampant in corporate boards.

      So even if Cheney may not be directly getting paid by Haliburton right now, Haliburton will take care that Cheney or people selected by him. It can be cushy jobs, nice bonuses, consulting fees, board positions they can enfluence in their network and so on.I find the whole idea of no-bid contracts stupid and a waste of tax payers money.

      One, and perhaps the only, good thing about Bush is that he is a man of his convictions. The problem is that like a lot of the elite, he pays a big premium on loyalty, than actual performance, capabilities or views.

      Another group where loyalty is paramount is the Mafia. Unfortunately, Bush's agenda is being dictated by the neo-Con mafia and Bush is unwilling to do anything to people loyal to him.

      If you look at the people who have left the Bush administration, you would notice that many of them were professionals hired by Bush; not folks who belong to Bush's inner circle of loyalists. The loyalists continue to stay but the professionals have had a tough time in the administration.

      Americans in general want to simplify things and not bother with the details. Bush fills that role well. Unfortunately, his lower grasp of the details, leaves him open to manipulation and exploitation by people loyal to him, who represent the neo-con agenda.

    • The question I asked was whether or not it
      bothered you that Haliburton got these no
      bid contracts? The fact that it may or may
      not have happened under other administrations
      is hardly a justification for why it doesn't
      bother you now.

      If you google some of your ideas you come

      Among the many interesting things you would
      find in that one article alone, is the quote:

      Sept. 21, 2003

      "But this week, Senate democrats challenged that assertion. They say
      the vice president still gets hundreds of thousands of dollars from
      his former company each year - and they called for congressional
      hearings on Halliburton's contract."

    • Being that there is a HUGE deficit of conservative professors in today's academia, that being less than 1% in all the ivy league universities, I'd say you were hijacked by them and the peer pressure of your liberal PC friends, which is unfortunate. I hope you can see the wisdom in it and in our Founder's vision for America that kept us in good shape for our first 100 yrs.

      Please do read this article entitled: "On the First Principles of Federalism" @

    • > I was liberally indoctrinated by public school and was a know nothing
      > Democrat half my 52yrs. A real economics course and a historical
      > understanding of America's economics can turn any Democrat, at least
      > fiscally, into a Republican or Libertarian, like it did me, and I am
      > still pretty liberal and not filthy rich.

      I was conservatively indoctrinated by my public
      schools and my parents.

      When I took a real course in economics in
      college, I realized the error of my ways.
      I finally came to see how unrealistic the
      libertarian views such as Ayn Rand's were.
      I had been a devotee of hers up to that point.

      Fortunately, I spent less than a third of
      my life following the wrong path.

      By the way, which party insisted on more tax
      cuts to stimulate the economy during the tech
      bubble? Even Alan Greenspan had to fight this
      crazy Republican idea with increasing interest rates.
      The bursting bubble was much worse than
      it had to be.

      Even though I am tech person by training and profession,
      my liberal ways helped me steer
      clear of the tech bubble fiasco.

    • Cheney fully divested himself before running.

      BTW, who do you think did the very same no-bid ops under WJC??? Halliburton. And they've done it whether a Rep or Dem sits in the WH. They are the ONLY ones that can handle certain ops, hence they are used.

      Every company dealing with the Feds tries to extra and overcharge. Like Boeing who Dashole's wife lobbies for. You are sadly misinformed if you think the Dems aren't just as bad.

      Cutting taxes and spending is the only cure. GWB was handed falling GDP growth, a WJC recession that torpedoed revenues and job creation and the considerable expenses of 9/11.

      If we didn't have the bloated behemoth Dems gave us in the 30's we'd be SO much a more wealthier nation now with way less poor. Starting with Taft-Hartley that was already approved in the House before FDR's election, and an over reactionary Fed, it spurred investor pullout in the markets and a hunkering down for the recession they knew had to be coming. FDR's socialist policies made the recession into the Great Depression that lasted the entire decade up to the war.

      Supply side free markets work every time taxes have been cut. In the late 1800's when the top tax rate was 7%, in the 20's, in the 60's (JFK), in the 80's (RWR) and now under GWB.

      I was liberally indoctrinated by public school and was a know nothing Democrat half my 52yrs. A real economics course and a historical understanding of America's economics can turn any Democrat, at least fiscally, into a Republican or Libertarian, like it did me, and I am still pretty liberal and not filthy rich.

      I'll concede that too many Republicans compromise with Dem spending largess. But I now know that FDR wasn't the saviour the entire nation of public school students were taught that he was. Our Govt now is 3X as big as Constitutionally allowed thru Democrat court stacking, to corrupt the Welfare, Equal Protection and Commerce clauses to suit socialist policy. The most ruinous of which is SS and Welfare. Short sighted vote buying at others' expense, with zero regard for the long term unintended consequences of failed systems of redistribution of incomes, was NOT constitutional then, and still isn't now.

      But hey, those Govt freebies buys the votes, eh???

      Check this out, a great site overall on what Govt is really supposed to be; the protector of property and individual rights and defender against enemies.

      Great Myths of the Great Depression @

    • > Cheney is the best VP this country has ever had
      > and Rumsfeld likewise as Sect. of Defense.

      It doesn't bother you that the company Cheney
      once ran gets billions of dollars of nobid

      It doesn't bother you that this company then gets
      caught grossly overcharging us?

      And you think big government is the Democrats

      The trouble is that Democrat miscreants steal
      on a scale that you can comprehend.

      Republican miscreants steal on a scale that is
      so large, you can't seem to get your mind
      around it.

    • Yeah, who does that willie wog think he's talkin too? We is people too fool. Why don't you go on about something creative or some such thing. Ya understan?

      Peate is the livin blues.

    • > To the others that posted thank you. To you mister zigzag I say F--- YOU!

      > Majeesh

      Your not going to get all vice presidential on us are you?

    • sound like majeesh is an idiot. no idea as to how the market works in the United States.

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