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  • wf_bm wf_bm Aug 8, 2007 8:20 PM Flag

    SNPS Indian connection

    Look at today's (August 8) SNPS price chart. It looks exactly like the Indian peninsula! SNPS has a large presence in India, and many of its employees are of Indian heritage. Do you know what this means? The price will explode tomorrow morning to trace out the coastline of China! And SNPS will announce a new design center in Shanghai! But beware, within 3 days, the price will quickly fall to new lows, as the North American continent is reached.

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    • I'd like to offer some advice that's unrelated to my map theory. If you're thinking about buying SNPS stock, a good time to do it would be on the morning of March 3. Why's that? Like many companies, SNPS has an employee stock purchase plan, which allows employees to buy the company stock at a discount of at least 15%. The plan delivers stock to the employees twice a year, at the end of February and the end of August. This is a "can't lose" proposition for conservative employees who immediately sell the stock for a sure profit.

      There are 5,000 SNPS employees, most of whom participate in the plan. If, say, half of them sell their stock as soon as they get their hands on it, that means 2,500 people are putting in "sell" orders on the first trading day in March. I've noticed that the price usually opens at a lower price on the first trading day of March and August. So that's a good time to buy. Place your buy order on the weekend before the open, and you should get a better price.

      If too many people take my advice, it will have the opposite effect and the price will open higher. This is not likely to happen, given that this message board is not very active. However, to prevent yourself from getting burned, place a limit (not market) order to buy at a price that's reasonable for you. I stand by my earlier recommendation to buy below 24 and hold on until it reaches 35.

    • In December I predicted a fluctuation between the 24 and 28 levels. The price did fluctuate and then dropped below the 24 level with the general market decline. It has just reached the 24 level again. I believe I am seeing the Indian subcontinent again, which had prompted my first prediction last August. This method has served me well in the past. According to my theory, we will see a rapid rise back to the 28 level shortly, perhaps within a week. Good luck!

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      • Last week a predicted a rapid run-up to the 28 level, based on my map theory. Well, obviously my prediction did not pan out this time. I could not forsee how Cadence's troubles would spill over to Synopsys, nor the general market decline. Note that Synopsys has a much higher percentage of term licenses with customers, versus Cadence's up-front customer purchases. So Synopsys should see a much more stable income flow over the next year at least. I still stand by my recommendation to buy Synopsys below 24 and hold on until it reaches 35. It could take a long time for the value of Synopsys to be realized in the market. Your patience will be rewarded.

    • And they run business like an Indian sweatshop too. When they reduce the work force here in the States, they fire everybody instead of layoff, so they are not under any moral obligation to pay any severance package...

      You would think a company like this would pump their stock price high, right? Not in the long run. Their ethical standard is very low.

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      • you are wrong. you should call it `american sweat shop` .

        if everybody is being fired instead of being laidoff then you should still call it as `american sweatshop` because the shop is in USA, the firings are in USA ,and the men-in-black you are doing it are in USA.

        India is no way connected to the shops decision making process when it comes to firing in the USA.

        Better choose your words . You %^$#


    • Well, my advice last week to buy for a quick 10% profit came a few hours too late. The stock immediately opened 10% higher the very next morning. So what's next? My map theory predicts fluctuations between 24 and 28 over the next several weeks. If you're a frequent trader, consider selling now and buying back on a 10% drop. But if you are a buy-and-hold investor (and you should be), hold on to your shares. In the long run, over a few months, SNPS is likely to rise to the 35 level, or maybe a little higher. The company has next year's income already in hand (due to the company's long-term contracts with their customers) and profits are solid. They have close to $1 billion in cash in the bank -- about 1/4 of the market cap. Wall Street will gradually recognize this and the price will rise.

    • I don't look at earnings reports. The price already reflects what people know. I just look at the wiggles and squiggles in the chart and see what map they resemble.

      Two weeks ago I predicted either a large drop a minor fluctuations between 23 and 25. The drop didn't happen, and there has been a brief breakout above 25. This tells me that SNPS will rise rapidly to the 29 to 29 price range. If you want to make a quick 10% profit, buy now at 25 and sell at 28. Only do this with your speculation funds.

      For the long term, just buy and hold: buy below 23 and don't sell until around 35. This might take awhile (years). I wouldn't expect a huge long-term gain above 35 due to the large overhang of employee stock options. (Although I thought the same thing about Google.)

    • I'm going to stick out my neck and make some predictions based on my map-drawing theory. Take a look at the 6-month SNPS chart. Do you see Baja California, Texas, and Florida? It appears to be tracing political borders, not natural coastlines. The line has traced across the Atlantic. So what will happen next? I think it will be a leveling off, with minor fluctuations between 23 and 25, for several weeks; OR a sudden large drop to around 19 or 20. If the former occurs, just hold on and see what happens. On the other hand, if the drop occurs, load up on shares for the ride up the east coast of Africa!

    • ReqCode: 6217
      Position: Staffing Specialist, II
      Location: IN01-Bangalore - R&D

      Job Responsibilities:
      Based in the Synopsys India Bangalore office, this position is responsible for providing technical recruiting support to Hyderabad site in India. This individual will assist in the execution of strategic staffing initiatives as set forth by local site hiring managers in coordination with the local India recruiter. The recruiter will be responsible for directly sourcing qualified individuals, screening resumes, interviewing and assessing candidates and providing guidance to hiring managers to ensure quality hiring. Facilitates roundtable discussions and provides input into hiring decisions. Ensures compliance with all documentation and reporting requirements as needed for and provides real-time tracking using Synopsys applicant tracking system. Will actively promote Synopsys Global Employee Referral Program (ERP) to employees at all India locations.

      Job Requirements:
      The successful candidate will possess the ability to exercise sound judgment when assessing candidates as well as when handling sensitive situations and confidential information. In addition, the candidate will have the ability to influence client managers and possess strong relationship building and networking skills with a demonstrated track record in both the client and candidate management aspects of recruiting. 4-6 years of progressive years of broad-based technical recruiting experience including the successful recruitment R&D and Field (ASIC Design) staff at all levels throughout India. A functional knowledge of the EDA and/or Semiconductors is a plus. Candidates must possess superior organizational and communication skills, as the position requires extensive internal and external interaction with all levels of management and candidates, both local and remote. Proven ability to successfully close superior level candidates is essential. A proven track record in direct sourcing (cold calling/networking) of candidates is required. Proficiency with Microsoft Office applications, previous experience with an automated Applicant Tracking System and demonstrated ability with the use of the Internet for recruitment purposes is required. This position requires fluency in English and Hindi.

      what is this ad?
      why should the candidate be fluent in hindi?
      Am I seeing any hindi prachar sabha ad ? or any bigoted central govt job ad?

      From when did hindi become a necessity in private sector jobs in India? non-hindi Indians certainly find this job posting both offensive and funny.

    • The 5-day chart shows something strange -- TWO Floridas. And the second one in unclear. Does this mean a repeat of last week's volatile trough? Or does it merely confirm that my map theory is a bunch of baloney?

      So far my predictions have been quite accurate. Keep your long-term holdings, SNPS is a solid company with conservative accounting. However, if you just bought in the low 20s short-term, now might be a good time to take your profits. I predict a leveling off between 27 and 28, followed by a strong (but temporary) drop next week. I have no idea what will happen after that -- which coastline will be followed? Europe, Mediterranean, Africa?

    • The big drop came last Thursday as I predicted, although not as low as I expected. Now look at today's (Wednesday) chart. Does it look like Florida to you? I realize this sounds like a crackpot theory, but look for a large jump to around 27 or 28 by the end of the week. No kidding!

    • I see Kamchatka and Aleutian peninsulas in the 5-day chart. Look for a plunge on Monday. Wait for a dramatic bottom somewhere around 19, then buy for the big run-up at least halfway to 28. My crystal ball gets hazy after that.

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