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  • tzmanowar tzmanowar May 20, 1998 3:58 PM Flag

    SNPS is going into milk mode

    I have lot's of SNPS stock. Very good company but
    I fear they are going to start to milk their market
    and technical position which will hurt the stock
    price long term. Below are two messages from their

    Dear John,

    After the merger of Synopsys and
    Viewlogic my fear is that some powerful
    tools used in
    ASIC design are most likely going to vanish. Here in
    Synopsys is trying to put quite a big pressure on Motive
    users to switch
    to PrimeTime. The customer is
    supposed to sign a "Motive Upgrade
    Certificate of
    discontinued Use" in which he agrees to cease the use
    Motive after a fixed date (12/31/98). For his signature,
    the customer is
    offered a shared license which
    allows to check out either Motive or
    PrimeTime plus a
    free substitution of the Motive license into a
    license. To my knowledge PrimeTime does not provide the
    same features as
    Motive at the moment.

    question to the ESNUG readers is how they react on this

    - Will Synopsys succeed to convince Motive users
    to move to PrimeTime?
    - Do they move to
    PrimeTime without any complaints? Do they move at all?

    - What about the costs for training the ASIC crew
    on PrimeTime and rewrite
    the scripts for an
    automated timing analysis flow?

    John, please keep me

    John -
    >Please don't associate my name
    with the following comments. This may
    >controversial and I still have to work in this
    >I am getting really fed up with the Synopsys
    hotline. Invariably I call
    >with a problem and talk
    to someone who is a poor communicator and
    >seems to have little practical experience with Design
    Compiler (thankfully
    >I am using mainstream tools).
    I don't understand how Synopsys can
    >putting someone on the hotline who has trouble
    communicating verbally and
    >in writing. In the last ten
    years I have worked with engineers who were
    in India, China, Ireland, U.K., Malaysia, Israel,
    the former Soviet
    >Union, Taiwan, and the U.S.
    and none has had as much trouble
    >as some of the folks on the Synopsys hotline. Once I
    do get through to
    >people they seem to be
    little more than grunts who need a test case
    >reproduce my problem. I have not found engineers who can
    take a problem
    >description and hypothesize
    causes and/or solutions. Most don't even
    >Twice with the last few months I have been told by
    hotliners that no solution
    >exists only to find a
    solution on my own or by talking to real
    >engineers at my company who helped me figure it out. I
    tried restricting my
    >interaction with the
    hotline to mail messages, but the initial response
    >was awful and the hotliners appear to prefer to call
    instead of send
    >e-mail... I wonder
    >Perhaps if you anonymously publicize my situation you can
    do a poll and get
    >some feedback. My guess is
    that my situation is not isolated.

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