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  • snpsorbust snpsorbust Apr 22, 1999 5:46 PM Flag

    Cadence may be dead but EDA is not

    + Earnings in line with estimates.
    + Revenue
    growth is healthy (unlike CDN)
    + No "cautious"
    comments from mgmt.
    + PE still quite reasonable
    Avg analyst recommendation is 1.42 vs Cadence's
    + At least 3 Upgrades last week
    + Market cap is
    higher than Cadence's for the first time
    + $685M in
    the bank (vs CDN.s $200M)

    Q2 is always the
    best quarter for Synopsys. And this year was no
    different. SNPS has the momentum now. It has proven that it
    not a "one trick pony." Cadence always stole the
    spotlight in the past (thanks to Joe C.) but things are
    changing now. Cadence has an uphill task of remaking
    itself (and digesting poorly thought out acquistions
    like Ambit and Quickturn). Synopsys on the other hand
    has a shot at being number one in the EDA

    Right now SNPS is the only player in the EDA market
    which is not hurting.

    Predictions (not rumors)
    for EDA:

    + CDN's Harding will be ousted (Joe
    C. returns?? maybe)
    + SNPS will make a sizable
    acquistion this year
    + Avant! will continue to gain on
    CDN but suffer legal setbacks
    + SNPS hits $70 by

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    • >>>
      Yep, you guessed right, I'm a CDN
      holder and I'm betting Cadence will bounce up next week
      at your continued expense, any

      Hey Fish, not to rub your gills in it, but I forgot
      to mention... remember, I "took" you up on this bet.
      You lost!!!!!!!!

      CDN is going down, dude. Get
      out and buy SNPS before you completely lose your
      (under)shirt too! <snicker>

    • You *so* SILLY!

    • Aaah, if only Synopsys' stock performance was inversely proportional to Cadence's as you seem to think. We could all be rich...

    • Yep, you guessed right, I'm a CDN holder and I'm betting Cadence will bounce up next week at your continued expense, any takers ??????

    • Synopsis sees internet pushing chip demand.
      Synopsis inc. the No.2 developer of electronic-design
      automation sofeware, is benifiting from demand fo
      Internet-related computer chips as well as from
      telecommunications, said chairman Aart de Geus.
      "the category
      that's doing the best is the internet, more importantly,
      the backbone underneath it," he said. "That's
      the chops that make it possible." Synopsis is winning
      new orders
      from leading makers of networking
      chips, headed by Intel Corp., the world's largest chip
      maker; Seimens AG,Motorola Inc,NEC Corp
      and Nokia
      Oyj, deGues told the bloomber forum. Engineers at
      those companies order software from Mountain View,
      based Synopsis to design and troubleshoot new
      semiconductors before they are produced, which saves time and
      money. Typical
      software packages are priced from
      $50,000 to $150,000,de geus said."There virtually no
      complex chip today that's not designed
      with our
      develement tools," said de Geus, 44, an electrical

      engineer who founded the company, a spinoff of General
      Electric Co.'s advanced computer-aided engineering group.
      During the period Synopis aquired two smaller companies
      as well as technology to broaden its software
      portfolio. The company has more than $685 million available
      to make more aquistions."It gives us a lot of
      freedom," de Geus said. Synopsis will"most
      buy other technologies or companies before the end of
      the fiscal year, he said, though he wasn't secific.
      The company alsohas benefited from a three year joint
      venture with
      IBM Corp., the No.1 computer maker
      that's also one of the biggest
      makers and users of
      chips."We've developed a whole slew of new
      products the
      really put Synopsis into the broader market
      electronic-design automation," de Geus said. Demand has been
      for the latest product, ChipArchitect, introduced in
      The company also sees"opportunities"in turmoil at its
      larger rival, Cadence Design Systems Inc., de Geus said.
      Chairman Jack Harding resigned last week
      after the company forecast lower revenue and earnings

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    • It's good to see SNPS finally heading up to appropriate trading levels in terms of it's stock price. Gotta love this run.

    • RIGHT ON...what a show today!!
      This baby has
      been under accumulation...a nice slow steady up move,
      but today was a "biggie"! Look for some "backing and
      filling"...but I see it at 60 in two or three months!

      Good luck!

    • NASDAQ down, DOW down, SNPS UP!!!

    • Man if you think 1 or $2 up/down per day is a
      sign of volatility, you don't wanna watch stocks like
      AOL, YHOO or even CSCO!...

      13 daytraders can
      make SNPS go up/down 0.2% according to your
      observation. Big deal! Synopsys is more than 90% owned by big
      institution (unlike AOL, YHOO, CSCO).

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