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  • EDAnew EDAnew Jul 2, 1999 11:16 AM Flag

    Join CDN board

    This board is quiret while CDN board very
    SNPS and MENT investors should join CDN board
    share info regarding EDA on CDN board. The
    and debate would become more interesting.

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    • >>>
      It's a really good rule not to
      post messages on the net when not sober/straight.

      Hey Ward... I think you were a little hard on the
      Beaver last night!


    • It's a really good rule not to post messages on the net when not sober/straight. 'kay?

    • Alright nah! Listen up! I called this shit in msg
      453. Check it out y'all -->

      To losin piece a
      shit, don't recall his sorry

      What kind o' uh loser iz ya? Nuthin bettah ta

      dis here stock (an' company) iz STRONG. Hold at
      dis here level. It's gonna smoke right past it. Going
      ta 60 an' beyond by
      summer. git uh life an'
      check things out. ya mus' werk fo' CDN. Only someone
      dat werkz fo' CDN would say what ya said.

      if ya do werk fo' CDN... ya should feel lucky
      already dat ya even gots uh job, be understanding dis
      negroid-american languag
      foo' .

      Now I'm
      sayin 90 by July double-ought!!! Get it on Mother
      Fuckin Longs! I also told those sorry-assed CDN lovin
      cocksuckers over on the CDN board. They need an enema. Hail,
      CDN need a high-colonic with

      FunkBrother bustin it! AGAIN!!

    • This time SNPS may stay above 60...I really think we will be heading even higher soon. This was a significant break out. Let`s keep our fingers crossed!

    • I stick to the best ones in their respective
      sectors only. Or what I believe to be the best cie and
      low valuated compare to their corresponding sector
      (and good consistency in earnings growth). After, I
      sit down for a while and wait for strong buys
      recommendations to come out and then sell.

      I don't have
      any interests in keeping my stocks over the
      years.(Although BCHE is one I keep for my wife.)

      I have
      seen so many (countless) good quality stocks going
      down for no real reasons and with the high volatility
      of today's market.

      The real trick about
      investing is about limiting your risk. Target a good cie
      and wait for a bad news to buy the stock on weakness
      and sell when the good earnings come out

      Try to understand why the hype in LU is so high and
      ERICY so low. And look at the numbers for both

      The real fun is to learn about what the company
      sells, who are the competitors, who is buying what
      company, is the industry in his consolidation


    • I expect some early increases tomorrow AM., pullback later in the day. We'll close at 58 for the weekend.

      mm's will HAVE to start accumulating this bad boy, it's the future.

    • Which post? re-iterate for me please, I need something to offset my piece of crap stake in eSOFT.


    • Raspoutine,

      I looked up the stocks you said you own (in a previous post).. damn! they're good!... you must spend an awful lot of time doing market research, do you?

    • I liked your reply. I like SNPS because it is not
      followed by too many brokers... so far!!! What I expect is
      to see more and more brokers to look at this stock
      in order to get some well deserve strong buys
      recommendations in the very near future.

      That's my
      investment strategy. When there is too much hype I am almost
      the first one to leave the boat. I like to "Sell too


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