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  • strange_eda_world strange_eda_world Sep 16, 1999 7:35 PM Flag


    Anybody know where this miraculous Cedar tool is? Honestly, if it works as advertised it should propel verification to the next level. Has anyone seen it??

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    • just_in_case_you_are_wondering just_in_case_you_are_wondering Oct 7, 1999 8:50 PM Flag

      Market_observer needs to spend more time
      observing and less time

      What kind of
      insight do you have into the type of deal SNPS
      been able to close at the last minute? I'd love any of
      that type
      of insider info. Including the price that
      they are "giving" the
      tools away for. It sure would
      help to negotiate better deals.



      Every customer
      know this, so they like to drag the negotiations
      the last minute (but not past). The company wants to
      thier revenue looking better, plus the sales guys are
      bigger percentages, plus the customer knows
      the deal goes away
      if they wait until past the

      All of these cause many last minute deals to occur.
      In fact,
      the bigger the deal the longer it waits.
      If you really had
      any insight, you would know

      PS. Don't forget to tell us all about the "big" last
      deals. Especially since you didn't even know
      when the last
      day of the quarter


    • SNPS has always relied on last minute big deals
      to get their numbers and most of them have been of
      the give the store away variety. The question right
      now is did they find another deal like this for this
      quarter or did they use up all their ammunition plugging
      the holes in the last quarters.

    • Lets not forget the FloorPlanning/Place&Route
      market. Isn't that why CDN and AVNT are fighting tooth
      and nail???

      And lets take
      CDN has the best probability that it will succeed
      just because they are/were market leaders in
      Place&Route and with the acquisation of Ambit that bought
      Synthesis to their product offering.

      SNPS is/was a
      market leader in Synthesis but have no tools for P&R in
      their profile.

      AVNT gaffled CDN's code and built
      a Place&Route tool which might be better than CDN's
      offering but have no Synthesis expertise.

    • They are not the EDA Mkt leader CDN are. In
      Europe snps strongest regions are declining (Germany &
      France). That is a fact - if you knew anything about EDA
      They had one good quarter last in tool sales but if
      you looked at sw tool sales, you'd actually see Ment
      were stronger during the last year.
      licence strategy is just the same as the others - snps
      have done an enormous number of all you can eat
      Sorry, to continue but they are No3 in VHDL simulation,
      NOWHERE in verification (you need to check out Calibre,
      Dracula, Hercules buddy) and their test is sooo bad they
      are giviung it away with Design compiler. But they do
      have a good synthesis tool. By the way....How long
      have you worked at SNPS?

    • Here are two reasons why the quarter may not have
      been so hot. I've talked to a few of the major SNPS
      customers - they all said that SNPS has really dropped
      their maintenance prices on synthesis because of the
      CDN price cut. And many new synthesis seats from
      startups were a much lower source of revenue and no longer
      a sure thing as in the past. But I expect that SNPS
      has the backlog to avert a serious misstep in
      quarterly numbers, so we won't see the effects, if any,
      until the end of Q1 which ends in January 31, reported

      Synthesis represents anywhere from 30-40%
      of company revenue. So without a way to replace the
      lost revenue, there should be shortfall reported
      mid-February. Expect to see a high-level executive departure
      (VP of Sales most likely) as a pre-cursor to the
      loss. So I don't think SNPS is undervalued - its fairly
      valued with some potential for a further drop.

    • Point of clarifcation, Skin Flute....

      just closed their 4th quarter, not their 3rd. This is
      an important point because Q4 has always been their
      strongest period . Most chip design firms wait to make
      their tool purchases till the end of SNPS fiscal year,
      cause they know they can get the most bang for their

      Anyway, earnings release is in couple of weeks (anybody
      know exactly when?) and I'm sure SNPS is going to post
      some solid results.. Why shouldn't they?

      are the EDA market leader
      #1 in tool sales
      in market cap
      #1 licensing strategy (vs. Cadence
      which cleaned out their pipeline for the next 2

      #1 Verification, test, synthesis, models, and

      You get the idea and so does the market.

    • I have been in this industry for many years. SNPS
      have a very
      good strategy and gain market from
      Cadence in back end. Just like the stock performance, you
      can see that SNPS is the best one among all EDA
      companies. SNPS has confidence to earn $2.5
      this year,
      then PE will be 24, which is very low for a company
      like SNPS.

      The reason for SNPS to move one
      month for the fiscal year is because: During Christmas,
      it is very difficult to cut deal with companies,
      since most people will be on vacation. It is a good
      idea not to set the end of Christmans as the end of
      the Quarter.
      A lot of companies do that

      SNPS is definately under-valued! Back several months
      ago, SNPS was the No 4 stock among the 10 Money
      Magazine picks.

    • Top 10 accounts are about 65% of revenue, next
      ten adds another 10%. Actually Cadence acquisition of
      Ambit was a bigger blow for Synopsys than many
      realised. CDN was in SNP top 10 accounts just based on the
      Design Compiler licences they bought for the CDN
      Spectrum Service centres. Thats mostly gone to Ambit now
      and is hurting snps some. Also, many other large
      corps are saturating on DC. Chrono VCS is doing very
      well but not enough to counter other soft areas like
      DFT and Primetime that they're discounting heavily to
      win against better competition. Q3 looks questionable
      with weak synthesis results. Plus, they are shifting
      their fiscal year by one month to move the end of their
      quarters away from things like xmas and public hols...They
      expect some major problems as they do that. On the Avant
      merger its just wishful thinking and actually the very
      same rumour is on for Ment for reasons that are just
      as good. Snps are developing their own layout kit
      with the techs acquired from Everest and IBM and some
      internal but anyone who's looked at Chip Architect or
      knows it well, will know right now its just vapourware
      and although a great idea, it will be years if ever,
      before they get a solution to timing closure...Seems
      like some know whats likely for Q3 and are bailing.
      They're overpriced right now.

    • and looking at this pause, it's time to do some
      diligence on SNPS. One of the things on my list is a
      customer list. Does anyone have or know where to I can
      find a link or reference source that will give me our
      top twenty customer profile by percent of our sales

    • Where is there an indication that Q3 is not good? I have not heard that. This deal most likely would not be done until the is end in sight with regards to litigation if a deal would be done at all.

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