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  • tramsey1221 tramsey1221 Nov 14, 2006 9:50 AM Flag

    UUU Free Fall

    A novice investor Long in UUU. It seems to be a good company, well diversified. I don't know why UUU stock went into a free fall. How would I recognize this situation in the future?

    Comments are appreciated.


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    • Let me tell you.......UUU pops up on screens looking undervalued stocks that are growing at a fast clip. That's how its getting 'discovered'.

    • come on guys. you are all missing the real reason for the drop in stock price. its because earnings were about to be released. the uncertainty is now behind us and the results were stellar. bottom-line growth was solid and makes this an undervalued stock, but top-line growth is where you really have to look, and it was HUGE. i took profits before earnings because i've been getting burned by earnings releases. i bought back today. this stock is still solid.

      i'm going to point out AXR again. it is similar to UUU in that it is a very low float, thinly traded stock with a low PE and PEG ratio, and its getting more and more attention from wall st and IBD'ers. it was up over $8 today and i believe it was on no news.

    • I have a theory. This stock was recently on the Investor Business Daily (IBD) radar screen right in the middle of its latest 50% run up. Some momentum and day traders took positions for a little ride up.

      This is a low float stock so a few thousand shares can move the stock multiple % up or down. So when we got near $28 someone either took a big short position or more likely a bunch of people decided to take some profits before earnings comes out next week. This moved the stock down a few % and that triggered some stop loss selling which made it tumble all the way back down to $23 which is about the price we were at before the IBDers jumped on the wagon. Any comments? Just a theory.

      Bump in the road. Very nice quarter. Wish they guided the new conduit company for next quarter. Maybe something will be in the 10-Q. The joint venture sounds like it is doing great.

      This stock is a long term hold stock. With the low multiple and the increased revenues year over year along with the joint venture and the conduit company, the future looks bright. Don't pay too much attention to short term moves, look at fundamentals and as long as revenues are growing strong, stick with this little gem.

    • The stock price had more than doubled in the last year and had run up very sharply in the last month or so. A 20% correction was not that surprising. When people have a chance to take profits that large, many will. (I took a small piece off the table myself).

      At the current price UUU is still undervalued in my opinion(although not nearly the bargain it was early in the year when I bought). I am still holding the bulk of my shares.

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