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  • rqtect Nov 3, 2012 12:34 AM Flag

    Welcome to the party boys

    Gwbu is a real company with real products that work. My friend told me about it at .50 it went to 1.50 I begged him to sell! Then it hit 1.95 but he was waiting for 2.00 he sold it all at .02 yes he got killed by this so do your DD I started buying this at .012 Avg lost 20% sold at .01 then this thing really tanked started buying huge at .005 to .003 I do not know why it is going up other than it was way over sold. I did not think it could go any lower I started buying @ .005 it went to .004 then it hit .003. I had 1,800,000 shares started selling today but I have 1,000,000 shares left & I will let them run .05 I will start to sell the rest. This was and is total gamble for me. Paying off first one of these damm things for me to make a penny. Good luck do not spend money you can not afford to lose. Take profits when they come and let the rest ride.

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    • Sorry to hear of you friends lose. This company has it's hands in a few different tecnologies right now. At one time it was a STRONG company. Now, not so much. But there is still money to be made if you continue to buy at .005 or lower and hold till it hits .0175. Then sell all and do it again. That is the magic sell point. I would not hold till .05, it may take a year or better. Make money my friend!

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      • rqtect Nov 4, 2012 8:50 AM Flag

        I think I may have sold to much, to soon already. Lucky for me I was not at the computer till late afternoon. I saw it was up 90% in one day made me sell. If I had been at the computer I know I would have sold at 25% because it spiked up at the open the went negative so as soon as it got positive again I would have started selling. It was really strong on Friday .0175 not to be to greedy seems cheap. And .05 may be a stretch but with any news or or this could fly.

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