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  • brennonvc brennonvc Feb 25, 1998 2:20 PM Flag


    Mr. Synthetic12, I post infrequently and have one user name. I am long 3000 shares of CVUS at 6 7/8 which I purchased based on my erroneous expectation that the auction would be a success and CVUS would briefly benefit.

    Mr. Pastramiman seems to be fairly moderate in his opinions - he just doesn't think CVUS is a good company.

    If you were interested in learning more about CVUS you would welcome contrary opinions for their value in better understanding how others view CVUS, which might somehow accurately mirror the way the market views CVUS. I think this board and Mr. Pastramiman fairly represent the views on CVUS since the stock has been acting extremely poorly during the past several weeks. Obviously, the market thinks somethings wrong or the stock wouldn't be "undervalued" at $6.

    My view is that CVUS ultimately should be worth $9 - 11, but I hope to bail at $8+.

    Your posts, despite their frequency and urgency, add little to the discussion.

    Regards, Brennonvc