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  • mecosmo2 mecosmo2 Feb 27, 2000 10:12 AM Flag


    SpeedUS.COM 2/26/00 ($9 13/32)
    (SPDE) is a broadband high-speed Internet service
    provider. The company recently announced that its BroadBand
    Patents subsidiary had acquired Intellectual Property
    based on wireless technology from a little company
    called GEC Partners. Included in this Intellectual
    Property is a patent titled "System for the transmission
    and reception of directional radio signals utilizing
    a gigahertz implosion concept." The company's
    broadband services are currently limited to New York, but
    this patent could certainly expand SpeedUS' breadth of
    operations. For example, Nextlink, a substantially larger
    broadband excess provider, owns a significant minority
    portion in this company.
    SpeedUS is also adding a
    broadband and wireless portal to make its product offerings
    more attractive. Within the portal is stock quotes,
    various news, weather, travel, and a message board
    devoted to broadband topics. Besides the
    broadband-focused message board, the portal offers other content
    related to the speed concept. For instance, there is a
    place in the portal where a person can check their
    actual Internet connection speed and a listing of
    broadband carriers in any user's area.
    SpeedUS appears
    to be a young broadband wireless play with vast
    potential due to its recently acquired patent. Most of this
    potential comes from the fact that broadband wireless is
    inevitable. Currently, wireless transmissions are very slow
    and very expensive. Broadband wireless should change
    all of that. Moreover, SpeedUS is looking to add
    additional products and services by buying Internet and
    e-commerce start-ups. This plan is important to the
    company's future, because there are certainly numerous
    wireless start-ups out there as the biggest wireless
    convention in the U.S. (New Orleans) will certainly attest.
    Several of these start-ups send literature in advance to
    people who have signed up for the convention. According
    to the latest data available, SpeedUS had cash of
    about $28 million. With that amount of money, SpeedUS
    could buy several wireless start-ups with quality

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    • Short interest for Feb - 1 mo change was up 38%.
      For some reason lots of money went short.They misread
      a lot of positive fundamentals: add to that some
      good intellectual property and its through $10 easily
      tomorrow. Check out climb of win:to. Similiar hype - real