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  • SychoKat SychoKat Jul 8, 1999 2:08 PM Flag

    Earnings Report??

    looks like this one's a going down....

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    • come the tax selling season in October.
      may be a bounce next week if the shorts
      Today's Investors Business Daily had articles concerning
      funds on the front page of the 2nd section.
      For the
      2nd quarter, micro cap funds were up 22%, small caps
      were up 15.6%, mid-caps were up 12.5% and all other
      domestic funds were up less than 10%.
      New money is
      looking for value in the micro caps.
      JLL has a book
      value of $10.22, price/book of 2.16, negative earnings
      and a fairly high debt load debt/equity of 0.94
      comparison, micro cap CMDL for example has a b.v. of $7.16, a
      p/b of 1.05 and a p/e of 4.34.
      Hundreds of other
      micro caps have similar valuations (with over 5000
      micro caps to choose from).
      Putting new money into
      JLL even with today's haircut isn't too promising.

    • Yeah, but there doesn't appear to be any news on

      A couple of 20k+ blocks appear to have changed
      earlier today and there's not normally a lot of
      so some drop would be expected. BUT, Multex ACE
      reports from
      7/3 don't show any projected earnings or
      ratings changes, so what's the rationale?

      • 1 Reply to kataxi
      • I notice you gentlemen have had the wisdom of the
        industry and are favorable to JLL. I, among others, have
        recently been disturbed by the recent loss of the
        investment in LaSalle through maximum contribution to the
        ESPP. What is your analysis of the condition and
        regarding the recovery of the JLL stock, what can be
        expected? Us underlings look for comfort, but give it to us
        straight, please.

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