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  • at_last_at_last at_last_at_last Aug 17, 2004 4:02 PM Flag

    Latest Insider Transactions...YE$$$$$$$

    The Insider transactions for 2004 are a �very� interesting read!

    They are "BUYING" !!!

    Directors, COO, Controller, and CEO all exercising options (buying shares) in 2004 $$$$$

    Not a single insider sale in 2004 !!!
    Yet many insider purchases

    See you above $12 for Christmas

    Just keep shorting, shorting, shorting,
    Just keep shorting foolish boys...

    I�ll gladly take your money!

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    • dear at_last, can you read the column that discloses the "exercise price" ??? My guess is that they want to get the Long Term Capital Gains clock running before the clock runs out on this pathetic company, they can "dump" while the fools "pump".

    • I�m sorry, but are you a complete idiot or do you just have no idea what Options are? They are not buying anything. They are exercising options that the company has given them. They have to exercise them before they can sell them. All this says is they have already sold the stuff that was given to them and Yahoo hasn�t yet posted it or they are getting ready to sell it just like what happened late last year before the Fellowes fuc_up.
      I am really glad you are not a broker for someone with your knowledge of how this company works. The CEO always says next quarter will be great. There have been patients on MOBE�s books for years that have nothing to do with the products they make today. Further more if the stock does reach your 12 goal by the end of the year, look for the COO and CEO to be very busy selling everything they can get you to buy.

      Your comments have no justification and your estimates are based on what the CEO and COO project for the next quarter, which has never ever been made. If this you�re your method for buying this stock, I feel sorry for you. If your going to pump up a stock at least have something to go on not just a fuzzy feeling.

      Oh by the way, market was up today but MOBE was still down. Funny how that happened.

    • hey at_last

      i laughed so hard at your last 2 posts i actually farted .... well excuse me

      better not light a match

      hey kazz buddy ... glad you're okay bro!

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