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  • TheMoneyGOD TheMoneyGOD Apr 29, 1999 11:40 PM Flag

    Banyan Has Something BREWING, LOOK!!

    Go check this link out, it is the Securities and
    Exchange commission (you guys may already know this, but
    this is for the people who don't)

    It basically
    says that MICROSOFT CANNOT sell there 1,750,000
    (8.94%) of Banyan Systems until 2002 (this is there

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    • It's worth a look�

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    • Ahhh, did you go to bed already!!

      Did your
      mother already tuck you in!!

      Well, sweat dream,
      and don't forget to let the bed bugs bite your ass

      Banyan IS BREWING you ass-fuck, you just wait and see, I
      would personally get your ass in this stock before it
      takes off!!

    • You know less than JACK about the internet if you
      believe Switchboard is crap and would not be a successful

      get your head out of your ASS!! Take a look at
      traffic on SB, advertising rev's rising, partnerships on
      the make, and you spell $$$$'s... many privately held
      web sites with far less traffic and exposure have
      been sold for two times BNYN's current market

      get off the crap...

    • Comparing with INSP, Switchboard is a piece of crap. If Switchboard could be IPOed successfully, then every web site can do IPO, LOL. You guys are just day dreamers, the dumb ones.

    • While you are the dumbest gambler on this board I
      have ever seen, you are, too, a pathetic loser, your
      message is laughable. Do you know why you lost and are
      losing money? Because you are really really dumb. I am
      not sure that who would be the winner of the battle
      beween BNYN/MSFT vs NOVL, but I do know Switchboard has
      lost ground to INSP, that's why BNYN can not bring its
      IPO out, you are too dumb to understand the reason
      which is totally beyond your brain's reach.

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      • If I am such a loser how come I am in Banyan at
        $8.00 and you are obviously waiting for the stock too
        go back to $8.00.

        And also you dumb shit; did
        I even mention SWITCHBOARD as a reason why this
        stock is going places!! I DON'T THINK

        Granted Microsoft has a lot of cash but to put
        $17,500,000 (1,750,000@$10.00 a piece just doesn't make


        Amount Beneficially Owned: On January 8, 1999, Microsoft
        ("Microsoft") purchased from Banyan Systems Incorporated
        ("Banyan") a warrant to
        purchase 1,750,000 shares of
        Banyan Common Stock at an exercise price of
        per share (the "Warrant").

        There you go shit
        head!! If I am such a loser to get in at $8.00; I am
        betting you wished you were as smart as me, getting in on
        this stock when it was actually still at a

        PLUS if I am so stupid, that would make MICROSOFT, the
        largest software maker iin the world stupid also!! (YOU
        KNOW CONSIDERING THEY PU $17,500,000 into the


    • EOM

    • We have been patient enough - get your incompetent butts in gear!!!!

      • 1 Reply to Mr_USA_1992
      • in at 6 out at 18, in at 10 1/4 out at 14, in at
        11 out at 15 1/2 now back in at 12 5/8. The
        management i feel have let most shareholders down by not
        maximizing the value of switchboard. ipo of switchboard
        would have left them with 80% ownership and millions
        for corporate use. I've made good money and will
        continue to trade in and out as long as the stock is
        volatile. i can plainly see this management is totally
        inept, and long term holders of this co. should fire
        these jerks. You have an internet frenzy like this and
        these people can't figure out how to increase the value
        of this co. for it's shareholders. Stand up for
        switchboard and what it represents to the value of this co.
        not the lagging management who have no initiative, or