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  • kiera-r kiera-r May 12, 1999 1:43 PM Flag

    Banyan had a closed conf. call at 11AM

    I stumbled on to it looking for another company's conference. Anyone know what went on?

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    • I guess I can understand that with millions of
      people online that the numbers are in their favor that
      these boards will be blitzed with hype. If Vecch says
      there is news so be-it....but investors should buy
      stocks etc on sound fundamentals and suitability...NOT
      hype as the ones that go with the hype are the 1st
      ones to blame other people for their stupidity ! I am
      excited at the fact that congress will soon pass a bill
      to allow the SEC to go after ass***** like Vecch and
      MANY MANY others that hype bull**** and dont have the
      balls to release their personal info or contacts.
      Vecch...YOU SUCK.

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    • jag11_98_IkickedyourbuttinDCTI jag11_98_IkickedyourbuttinDCTI May 19, 1999 8:29 AM Flag

      Looks like DCTI is not going to be anything like
      Becareful what you say it comes back to you and makes you
      lok stupid.


    • This is what Veech wrote on 5/4/99
      "BNYN will
      close the week above 20!!! NEWS coming out" Well it
      didn't close above 20 so why do so many of you on this
      board rely on false hope that posters post? I have no
      clue as to whether veech knows something or not but if
      you go back and read his posts, news is always coming
      and his latest news was coming either before or on
      the 17th. I didn't see any news. Did any of you?

    • I'm not questioning your credibility.

      give us some indication of what the news will be
      about. Banyan releases news during many weeks.

      think you can gain yourself some support on this board,
      and even greater credibility, if you give us a little
      more specifics, so that if/when the news comes out, we
      know it's the item you suspected.

      Is it about
      Switchboard? A partner? A buyback? C'mon. Give us something to
      go on. Thanks.

    • URED---As on all message boards, everyone is
      entitled to thier own views and predictions (even Vecch),
      so I suggest you tone it down a little and make you
      own investments based on YOUR knowledge (or lack of
      it). BNYN will move up this week---just wait and see.
      Get a life.

    • Get a life!

    • Vechh. If and I repeat IF your information is
      correct you must have obtained it from somewhere other
      than public information. If your friend "money
      manager" has obtained it from a source other than public
      and shared it with you and is not yet public than you
      have both violated a serious law. The stock is
      certainly not acting on any "news" so either you are full
      of crap or the company is very tight lipped. Either
      way I want you to be aware that I have copy and
      paisted as well as printed and faxed your notes to
      different dept's in agencies watching Wall St. Also your
      info is considered "hype" to drive up the price of
      stocks. I suggest you take this seriously and YAHOO will
      be instructed to release your identity to inqiring
      persons on this matter.

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