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  • rebelsteve Nov 7, 2012 11:22 PM Flag

    i am a yankee.

    My top holding's are TAP and TPL. I love blueghrass music and I love America, as a two termed U.S. Veteran. I volunteered to serve during the viet nam era, while chicken's like limbaugh scated. I voted for our Commander in Chief... Mr. Obama!

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    • While I respect your good taste in stock you seem to be overtaken with being a northerner. While being a northerner is fine you can't expect everyone to be held up to your high standers. We all know that those dam Southerners are all just plan stupid. Not worth the lead to kill them all. Right. The only good use for them is to tax the hell out of them so you Democrats can have all those great Government giveaways. Like those wonderful cell phones. How would we ever make it with out those free cell phones. Not to minion food stamps. How did we every eat without the fantastic government feeding us. Yes, Yes. I almost forgot those 99 week of free money that everybody gets just for the asking. Pray to Obama. Maybe someday he will give us back our balls back. Until then our beautiful ladies really won't need the free birth control. I am a little confessed tho. Scene we have no ball why do our loving ladies need all those abortions. You know we could just move all those freaks up here so we could just make them our honest slaves. That would be the answer to all our problems, But then we would have to feed them and house them and give them free food and a free place to live and give them Obama-care. O! Yes. That would make them HONEST SLAVES.

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    • rebelsteve Nov 7, 2012 11:24 PM Flag

      Coor's is the best tasting beer! "The Scillet Licker's"... yea!

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