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  • deangraham46 deangraham46 Jul 7, 2009 9:16 PM Flag

    For Cynthia


    I've been following this board for some time. Their sure is alot of back and forth. Some of you are so convinced with this companies future, others aren't. Everyone wants to make money and I understand that. And I wish everyone good luck in the market. Let me tell you all why I need this to work.

    My friend Cynthia. About four months ago she asked me to invest for her. She knows I have a pretty good nack for the picking stocks. So, I asked her what she could afford to lose. She said 50k dollars. So I said fine, let's gamble with 20.

    Let me tell you about Cynthia. She is absolutely kind and pure of heart, a care free spirit that wants to live, and experience, and feel. She puts others before herself. And like so often is the case with truely wonderful beings, about 9 months ago she got cancer.

    She had surgery and went through chemo. And the chemo wasn't kind to her. She had to stop after 8 treatments. The pain was too great for her little body to finish out the last 2. What's funny about Cynthia is in spite of all of this she's the kind of person that worries about how her being sick, how her pain affects everyone else.

    She hasn't been able to work for most of the past year and and her medical bills are piling up. But she's a fighter. In spite of her constant pain and nausea she tries to work when she's able. Her family owns a store so she jsut shows up to work when she's feeling a bit stronger than usual, even though they tell her not to. She's responsible. She won't let anyone else suffer just because the powers that be made her go through this.

    So, I took that 20k four months ago and managed yo turn it into about 90k. It's been a good run. The problem is that isn't enough. You see, she's gotten sick again, round 2. She's going in for surgery in 15 minutes. Yes, you read that right. This isn't a sick joke. I wanted to tell you about someone who needs a litte luck, and some prayers.

    So, back to HGSI. About 6 months ago I was watching this stock, doing my research. It was over 2. And one day I looked and it dropped to around 50cents on the news surrounding the albuferon drug. So I bought her her first 500shares and have been buying more ever since. As I booked profits on other trades i'ld buy more. Of course I did alot of research but you never know.

    Call it a gut feeling. I just believed this was the investment to make. I looked at other biotechs and this one just resonated. Well, to make what's becoming a long story short, she has 30k shares under 2.

    I'm sure some of you would think this is irrisponsible but try to understand. If this fails and trades down to a buck, between this and the other couple stocks she has, she'll still have about 50k. Not bad from 20 in just a few short months. Sure, I could liquidate her account tomorrow and she'ld do a little better but that's not really going to help her much more.

    Little Cynthia needs to get through tonight and then get better. And HGSI needs to come out with good new on the 20th so that my little girl can recover. So she can maybe listen to me when I tell her that she can stay in bed. And that she isn't a burden on anyone else. She needs to know that her bills are going to be paid for so that she can focus on getting better.

    If I had the money i'ld give it to her. I don't. She needs a break. I know mine isn't the only sad story out there. And rest assured, Cynthia doesn't want your sympathy. She's a feisty one. Just know that their are real people out there, real stories. Stories that are hoping companies like Humane Genome Sciences can succeed. From those poor folks with lupas to little Cynthia with cancer.

    Bad things always seem to happen to the best people. I choose to remain optimistic. I'm behind Human Genome, for all the people that are hoping :)

    Good night.

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