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  • greg_m_thornton greg_m_thornton Nov 11, 2010 11:47 AM Flag

    HGSI has no upside

    Your reply is a perfect example of how over confident the bulls are on this one. The upside good news of approval is already mostly priced in already.

    My point is even if everything goes well HGSI will get only a very small up bounce to around $28 a share because all the bulls already own the stock. The good news is already priced in.

    However, any delays, request for more testing, etc. the stock could drop to $15 or less.

    More downside risk thean upside potential equals a bad investment in my opinion. Too many people are bullish on HGSI right now. That is a bad indicator.

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    • Greg, you are going to be very SURPRISED on December 9th. 35+ Stock here is in order.

      Good Luck and if you are on the short side, get out soon.

    • put options twice the premium of calls and the insiders have been selling. Not sure which way it will go but my guess is down. I have no position. I tend to agree with your assesment. But I am always wrong. I wonder if I am wrong on this one too.

    • this doesn't make any sense to me. if everyone's so bullish, who's been selling the past 2 weeks?

      and if $28 is the upper limit, why did the price hit $30 POST Zalbin CRL?

      the only thing your post is right about is the uncertainty you imply.

      however, I suspect not only will it go above $30, buyout rumors at one point or another will send it higher, whether legitimate or not.

    • "Too many people are bullish on HGSI right now. That is a bad indicator."

      Just why on earth would that be a "bad indicator"??? Do you always go against the odds?

      I notice you didn't deny being short-and I don't mean your height (or length) either LOL