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  • vs1234gs vs1234gs Sep 15, 2011 9:10 AM Flag

    BoA Health Conference Key Info

    Sorry wakeup late and miss good 15 minute part. They have 20+ slide so I can guess. Nothing new in Slides. They still only provide same info (Little more detail) mostly as on 8th Sept Baird call.

    Here is some of key Info in BoA Health Conference:
    1.> Lot of good question and lot of very good answer.
    2> Do you see anything change in long term perspective of Benalysta -> Benalysta launch is going well. Tracking better than most other Biologic drug.
    3> Do you see initial perspective cahnge? 2013 projection change -> Company don't think it can predict 2011 & 2012 revenue. 2013 We are still confident that we will make profit.
    4> Do you looking to reduce expense to achieve profitibilty? -> Benalysta will be primary driver for Profit. Our top priority is make sure we spend enough money to achieve it.
    5.> Why many physcisian not ordering yet? There are multiple reasons. Most Physician in smaller setting like to wait until they learn about reimburse exprience from other Physcians, many of them have bad exprience with other Biologics. We almost 100% possitve reimbursement and that concern will go away very soon. Many also prefer to start late. Also education is key. we continue working on and our initial focus remain to get physcian start using Benlysta.
    6.> They also mention that HGSI traking key matrix like how many accounts start ordering, how many patient on that account ... etc and all matrix tracking is inline with expectation.
    7.> Better launch than most Biologics. He did mention First year revenue normally 5% 1Q, 15% 2Q, 30% 3Q, 50% 4Q. Since he mention Benalysta tracking better than other,
    We have 1Q revenue 7.3M
    So 2Q will be 21.9M +
    3Q will be 43.8M +
    4Q will be 73M+ that mean we will have nearly 300M+ (more like 400M) running rate at end of 1 year launch.

    8.> Not much GSK mention but expected give Southwell presenting. I was hoping watkin provide presentation so we can compare with MS Healthcare. Look like Buyout if in progress will not anounce anytime soon.
    9.> In Slide he put good prespective on GSK Products. He confirm both production expected to be multi billion dollar in sale if approved.
    10.> Albiglutide: There are 8 large trials on Albiglutide. Expected to receive 150 Million in milestone payment and single digit revenue.
    11.> Darapladib: There is two large trial one with 15800 patients started at end of 2008. second one with 11500. 10% worldwide royalty. 20% co-promotion option in North America & Europe. CV disease is one of largest market in pharma industry.
    12.> account double by mid auguest does revenue double? Focus is increasing number of account. Avoid revenue question for now. (As Expected)

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