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  • jjg196369 jjg196369 Nov 16, 2011 8:01 PM Flag

    I like what I'm hearing.

    Just a couple left fighting the fight. More monikers stopping by to drop a bash~n~run. Former longs capitulated....falling in behind "the crowd". (Hahaha..."the crowd"...its an illusion, but some fall for it all the time.) Yup, time to turn the tide now. We'll have a whole new group of longs going forward who have been buying, and a new batch of suckers who got their shares taken...bashing.

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    • DId I read the Tricertopman was going long? Hopefully that was an impostor, but if true that's pure stupidity and should NOT be followed by any means.

    • I tried to warn you guys in good faith. I'm under no illusions that what occurs on a YMB impacts the stock price - I was really just hoping you guys would save yourselves some serious money and sell at $8.50 when you had the opportunity. HGSI and the funds are scamming you and there is further to fall. You can believe me or not.

    • You call slide from $30 to $8 in few months “slow”? I call it disaster.

    • Many analysts still say peak sales over 2 billion, even the ones that are negative right now. It is not only HGSI management that said peak sales of 2 billion.

      If anything Watkins and Management came out early and said the launch was going to be slow.

      "We've been trying to manage down expectations a bit," he said in an interview Wednesday at the J.P. Morgan healthcare conference in San Francisco. "Often with drug launches, the expectations are so high that for the first couple of quarters it is almost impossible to meet the expectations," he said.

    • Former longs who realized what was happening with this company and got out in time, are not the suckers here!! The writing is all the wall for all to see. Institutions aren't buying. I feel sorry for the new longs who have really gotten screwed by buying this stock. All the pumping in the world won't help it. Hopefully GSK will goggle it up soon, before it drops any further.

      By the way, can HGSI afford to handle all these new lawsuits?

      Riding a stock down to zero is not called investing!

    • Seems like the ones disagree the most are the nervous shorts. This will turn around and all the dropouts will jump back in. Seen it before, happens all the time.

    • This is really sad. I was on your side of the fence with AVNR so I've been on the other side: check my history. With HGSI I was right luckily - I've been short with puts since the $15's. This pumping that you're doing is shameless and totally without conscience. Benlysta's implied market cap is still way too high (when you consider GSK's 50% ownership stake) and GSK isn't going to step in. Just give it a bit of uncritical thought - it makes no sense whatsoever for GSK to step in until the bitter end. And that isn't until it bleeds to around $5, though possibly as high as $6.

      Reading this board makes me genuinely, authentically sad. I've been there before.