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  • red_iguana27 red_iguana27 Mar 14, 2000 11:06 AM Flag


    It's all momentum, in my opinion. A big biotech
    firm announces news, everyone buys in...then CRA
    screws up relations with NIH, companies in their
    newfound popularity put out secondary offerings which
    dilutes the stock even more, people get impatient for
    lack of news to propel the stock to further
    unwarrented heights, and suddenly the money quickly starts
    drifting to other "hot" sectors.

    Notice, for
    example, the total absence of spam anymore on this board
    since we've been drifting south? Frankly I almost
    prefer it this way.

    I wouldn't worry about HGSI
    in any case. The company was doing well BEFORE all
    this biotech hype broke out and it will keep doing
    well even after the price settles down to a more
    reasonable level.

    And we all know that with the next
    round of news, the price on these babies will all
    skyrocket back upwards again (e.g. when CRA announces its
    completion of sequencing the entire Human Genome). You can
    try to time it if you want - or you can just wait and
    hold and be rewarded.