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  • wjc900 wjc900 Dec 11, 2012 9:21 AM Flag

    again;why are you here O.P.

    Please oince again, Outpissed, tell us why you are here, I keep chalenging you to state your position, what are you scared of. With out stating this you have no creditability and just #$%$ on your self in public.

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    • As you know, my position has always been that ANW is at the very least mismanaged by fools. But the much higher probability is that this Greek company with a Greek head office, Greek books, and Greek auditors and no risk of enforceable criminal penalties action against its worldly international executives and their Swiss bank accounts is rightly taking advantage of all fools who buy ANW stock.

      Answer me this, If ANW is such a screaming buy why are ANW executives not buying a single share? These are some of the richest people in the world. And they are insiders. If they could buy $6 for $5 they would do so hand over fist.

      ANW is obviously not worth its current value. Insiders know best.

      Look up the NY Times article by STEVEN M. DAVIDOFF "The Hazards of Borrowing Money From Big Hedge Funds". He publicly exposed the double dealings of ANW's chairman Peter Georgiopoulos in the failure of GMR. Peter got away with ruining equity investors at GMR. ANW shareholders have only gotten a mild taste of the future with its 80% decline thus far.

      Peter can not recover from GMR and being exposed as a #$%$ by the NY Times.

      ANW is a shell that can never recover from Peter G. They lie. Or rather, they do not tell the full truth. Never have, never will.

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