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  • wjc900 wjc900 Jan 30, 2013 9:31 PM Flag


    Why do you disappear when this has a $2.00 run from the $4.50 price when you said it was going to a dollar, and then reappear when it goes down $0.50, do you believe we are as stupid as you are. Everyone would love that investment, make $2 loose $0.50. Seems like that happened last September when I also bought under $5 and sold over $7 along with options, all the while you were again talking bankrupt. I have challenged you multiple times, WHY ARE YOU HERE, just to #$%$ on your self, if you can't come clean why you are here,. If you were an honest person and disclosed your position here we could excuse you just as an unknowledgable investor, but sens you don't you are a fraud, no better than Bernie Madoff trying to cheat and hurt people with your lies, to better yourself. Come clean or get jail time with Bernie.

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