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  • wjc900 wjc900 Feb 4, 2013 12:55 PM Flag


    I will give you credit that you may possibly be right about this company, actually some times where there is smoke there is fire, but your attitude of not being open to why you were here is suspect to your credtability.Certainly people who say HA HA to others loss is a child, as I stand by my statement describing you. This is certainly an interesting trade now, due that there is also a lot of chatter about a buy out also, so it now becomes a #$%$ shoot either way, that means up or down.. Any how thanks for keeping me out of this sence selling out last year at $7.10. Now the options become intriguing, bear or bull, not shure if you undersand this anyhow. Next time act like an adult and you just might grow up and be beliveable, and your parents might be proud.

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    • "Haha" is directed torward you only. Finally you admited I was right all along. Vindicated. But you won't admit how much you lost being long ANW from $44.

      When even a bull like you tosses in the towel we know ANW is headed to zero.

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      • I guess you don't even know what smoke or fire means, it means be careful, your not vindicated of any thing, especially of being a child, your parents must be so proud. By the way for the record, I can be transparent, something you know nothing about, I have only followed this stock sense last year when I put on a bull call 5/7.5 spread and sold a 5 put, for a total credit of .05, figure that profit @ 7.10 Like I said grow up child.

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