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  • treensn treensn Oct 29, 2002 8:32 AM Flag

    IGNORE IS GREAT !!!!!!

    Thank you,what a feature, its like flushing the toilt,

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    • Yes, especially about those executive bonuses! LOL!

    • We do have something in common.We both cannot spell.
      All I am trying to do is tell the truth about the market.What I am saying about that is true.
      This company is watching 8 million dollars a day being burned.They are doing nothing to stop that bleeding.The people who still own this companies stock really believe they have a say in anything.They do not,they only own the stock which is only a word,in today's world.I will say that again,it is only a word.
      Just use common sense and look at all the other companies playing with that word and others trying to make themselves look GREAT.They seem to think fundamentals mean nothing."Lets put some lipstick on these pigs"Wall Street has become a game where banks and other big people are trying to control those words.
      There are good assets at UAL but they are really owned by the banks now.The stock is just a word and a number the banks are playing with everyday.A stockholder here and in many companies now owns nothing but that WORD(stock).

      • 1 Reply to homedepotman5000
      • And just what do you and some of the other bashers on this board really "know" about how much cash is being burned, what the load factor of this company is, what the employees or the management are doing about it? You haven't got a clue so shut up! There are many things being done behind the scenes. Just because the media isn't reporting them or you don't personally know of them, your type "demands" a link to something or "demands" to know where the info came from. TS. You have apparently taken your stance as far as this stock is concerned. We get it. Now sit back and watch and see if your stance or ours is correct.

    • Do you even have a toilet in your tree house, because you sure as hell do not know how to spell it!

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