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  • deep_thoughts_by_al_loser_gore deep_thoughts_by_al_loser_gore Dec 21, 2002 11:13 PM Flag

    About Rudolf the Rednosed Reindeer...

    I was thinking about this.

    Essentially all Rudolph was was a biological navigation light. How would this guide Santas sleigh? It was foggy. Rudolphs nose would be lucky to add 6 inches to Santas visibility. Essentially meaning that Rudolph was useless(like alot of UAL mechanics).

    And more to the point, what did Santa do prior to this?? Did he have required navigation lights and did he file a flight plan? I doubt it! I would say that Santa was in clear violation of FAA rules and should have been fined up the wazzoo and thrown in prison. Does anyone realize what kind of hazard a fast moving sleigh could have on airline navigation?

    Then there is this whole issue of Santa flying over sensative military bases of multiple nations that would think nothing of taking out Santa sleigh with a radar guided missile thinking he was a covert spy for the American military?

    I would say based on this, the FAA and or the UN should arrest this Santa Claus person on sight and turn him over to the Hague for a UN trial on multiple violations of international flight rules.

    Does anyone realize what could happen if a reindeer is sucked into the jet intake of a 747 or any other passenger jet? It would not be pretty folks. Not pretty at all.

    Oh, yeah, and have a very Merry Christmas!!

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    • Most important, what about those elves? And whoever cleans the reindeer barn? Do they have union representation?

      Committed union members must boycott Christmas until Santa acknowledges the "Elf and Barn Refuse Shovelers Local 1" as the sole bargaining unit for his overworked, underpaid, and blatantly mistreated staff.

      And if give anyone a present until this dispute is settled, you are a filthy scab.


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      • deep_thoughts_by_al_loser_gore deep_thoughts_by_al_loser_gore Dec 21, 2002 11:45 PM Flag

        It is more like the elves are probably slave laborers. After all Santa has no visible means of support! Where would he get money to pay the elves? And where does he get the raw materials to manufacture the toys? The North pole is not exactly rich in natural resources considering it is sitting on the Arctic ice pack with nuclear armed American and Russian ballistic missile submarines prowling beneath it and would see any funny business Santa was up to.

        I really think the SEC and the UN need to look into exactly how this Santa character is able to do what he does. Sure he gives away alot of crap, but where does it come from? I mean, really! This scandal could dwarf that of Enron, Worldcom and all the other scandals combines. This could just be the tip of the iceberg..the mother of all scandals!

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