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  • hookfree2000 hookfree2000 Sep 11, 2003 12:05 AM Flag

    the last line

    Your last line says it all. Fairly compensated employees. What in the heck does that mean? If, in the pilot�s viewpoint, things are unfair----then work elsewhere. Again, Adam Smith and the invisible hand are in control---not your curious degree of entitlement. If you are correct, then AWA will fail---that is what capitalism is all about. All will share your discontent and you will refuse employment with such a poor management team.

    I cannot find another industry that experiences this level of entitlement other than professional athletes. Maybe you guys feel similar to "those disrespected athletes". The amount of pay is not the issue---it just has to be relative to your peers....correct?

    I have worked in the investment arena for many years and still find myself shocked by the mentality of the pilots and the volatility of this industry. It is particularly intriguing when a savvy management team does get control and brings the kind of balance sheet logic necessary to build a company with decent shareholder value and finds its biggest opposition coming from the highest compensated group within the company.

    Please remind me why you work for AWA and not one of the other "better, more fair" airlines?

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    • Fairly compensated employees means to me that those several thousand of us doing the same jobs in the same planes should earn similar amounts of compensation.The huge gap that did exist is closing.Unfortunately, we were at the bottom of the scale, and to come closer to the "norms", we have to go up.It is what the market determines, and that number is pretty well established.

      I really do not like your use of the word entitlement because that smacks of welfare.Nobody at AWA is looking for handouts.We have earned our pay.

      I personally appreciate the fact that AWA is still in business after 9-11 and after 1992.In a very tiny way, I feel responsible for that, as every employee should, since I continued to do my job day after day without any problems.I am glad DP got the loan guarantee, but I'm not willing to put him on a pedestal for doing it. It was quite obviously the right thing to do.I am afraid that his background as CFO makes him more of a numbers person than someone who came out of sales and marketing or operations.He has done wonderful things in the recent past, but he still has some open wounds to heal within the employee groups, and the pilots are not the only ones.

      I joined AWA in 1985.I was going to American interviews at that time but decided against pursuing them.A combination of the value of a bird in the hand and my dislike of Crandalls "B" scale.Six months later Piedmont offered me a job, but I liked AWA so I stayed.
      I stayed during the darkest days and I did my job to the best of my ability, as I continue to do today.It is my hope that someday my committment to this company, its employees and customers will pay off.Nobody has a longer timeline than I ,nor as much of a committment, because it is 100%.You just can't give any more.