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  • hookfree2000 hookfree2000 Sep 11, 2003 12:36 AM Flag

    ok, got through your post jetpilot

    Again, you sound like the disrespected athlete. A victim of circumstances. You stuck it out---you deserve whatever you want---you are entitled.

    Lets talk reality here. You didn't build this airline. You participated in the building of the airline. Ed and Mike built the airline, made a few entrepreneurial mistakes and paid for it with the filing and subsequent departure. Pilots are a role players, not a quarterbacks. You are merely a participant in the success or failure----not someone directing either.

    Read your post---if the pilots have it so bad, why dont they go work for southwest. I agree, they are a very good company. Really, if these guys are sooooo bad, why dont you either submit your application for management, or move on?

    Unfortunately, your past experiences legally entitle you to nothing. Ownership and management have changed significantly in this public entity. One of your biggest stakeholders is now the US Govt----and you have to abide by the terms of the note.

    Lets be positive and realistic here----you don't have many people on your side. I realize how you feel---however, you need to try and understand everyone elses opinion. The only people that see it your way is your small group. I think you would be doing yourself, your family, your co-workers, the shareholders and the travel industry a favor by adjusting your attitude toward management or moving on.

    This company is moving the right direction and the stock is reflecting this. Your anger has more to do with your mentality of entitlement and your bitter memories of unkempt promises. Move on---go to southwest, go to jetblue. I hope that your attitude when applying is that of gratitude, rather than entitlement

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    • You know, its funny.Sometimes I have to remind my kids, when they misbehave, that it is not them I dislike it is their behavior.

      I am happy to have Doug Parker here.But when he does something I don't agree with, I express my opinion.Take it or leave it, but my opinion is based on 18 years experience here, and day to day feedback and conversations with current employees from many different workgroups.

      I am very happy to be here.After all of the bad times here recently and 12 years ago, neither Southwest or JetBlue know I exist. I've never applied there because I want to work for America West.

      Lets talk reality here.When a "builder" builds a house, it may have his name on it, but a lot of people had much to do with building it.Some of the jobs he might be familiar with but not be skilled in.Ed and Mike built this airline but not without a lot of help from the early employees.They couldn't fly the planes or fix them, so they depended on others.

      "Pilots are role players, not a quarterbacks."
      If you are ever on my plane, sir, you will find me doing far more than playing a role.Pilots have a lot to do with the success of the flights, they do direct them and not just participate.Where do you get that logic?

      I'll use a marriage as an example, even though it may not be the best:
      If a marriage has problems, the two people can either live with it, leave, or fix it.
      At AWA, my personal committment includes fixing the things I can, to make it better for all involved.

      US Govt. ownership. The union is well aware of the restrictions put forth and agreed to by AWA as far as pay goes.There are ways around it, like just prepaying the overage, should it occur, or paying off the entire thing as part of a large aircraft order.I'm sure there are more.That too, will be settled at the table, not here.

      Sorry, I have no plans to move on and I abhor that attitude.

    • >>unkempt promises. <<

      Talk about iah's "Theatre of the Absurd"...

      Did you mean, "unkept promises" (fair compensation, contractual obligations) or "unkempt premises" (when flyby neglects her homemaker duties)???

    • BTW...........go pound sand.