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  • market_kings market_kings Jan 22, 2004 9:45 AM Flag

    does anybody get this??

    This price action is beyond my comprehension!!!

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    • Many people could have been waiting to exit this stock telling their brokers to sell today on the good news. Sell on the news, only they needed to wait a little longer. OR a MM is trying to drive the price down shorting stocks and scaring some, then minutes later covering and buying back. I bought a lot more shares at 12.80 as well.

    • Don't ask why -- just buy!

      Seriously, look at what the other airline stocks are doing today. And they don't have AWA's results (or p/e).

      Should be like taking candy from a baby.

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      • Strange days indeed!

        I picked up more at $12.78 and am already profitable. I can't fathom AMR up another $1.80 on top of yesterday's $0.80+ gain on less than spectacular earnings. Ah, the magic of an analyst upgrade!

        My take on AWA for today is a run to $14 area followed by analyst upgrades either later today or tomorrow moving it back to $16 over the next few days. This should fill the gap from Nov/Dec to the $16 level and from there a run to $17 - $18 near term. I've got my short term sell point at $17 but of course I'll keep moving this up as oil starts its decline. Looking for that S&P $25 target by July/Aug as continued profitable quarters are reported. Looking forward to conference call later today, hopefully we'll get the analyst upgrade then and this gem will finally shine!

        Blow out earnings! Wooo Hooo!

        The Grinch

    • Obviously, not enough people are reading this board. The rule with this stock is that there's no limit to the dumb money in it.

      We've been telling the AWA "story" for some time, but the market generally seems to not figure it out until Parker hits them over the head with the news (and sometimes not even then, like his Q3 profit statement).