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  • shrewddude60 shrewddude60 Mar 7, 2012 11:57 AM Flag

    Gorilla glass is said to be deployed

    on Ipad3 and next release of Iphone

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    • From a reply to a post I wrote on March 4th.

      Oh, and by the way, scratch iPad Gorilla Glass 2.0 from the short rumor mill. Absolutely no mention made on the keynote regarding having additional protection. NEXT rumor...

      "Gorilla glass is not the issue.
      FACT: It is scratch-RESISTANT, not scratch-PROOF.
      FACT: Gorilla Glass was debuted to the masses with the first iPhone in June 2007 and ZAGG has sold over 30 million invisibleshields since.
      If you do a little digging you will find many sources stating that Gorilla Glass may already be on both the iPad and iPad 2.

      If however the iPad 3 does come with retina display or equivalent, then I think ZAGG needs to have the HD version available for it.

      I love the invisibleshield I currently have on my iPad 2, other than a small amount of orange peel effect when looking at it from an angle, there is no degradation to the quality; the display is beautiful. It has also taken some accidental scuffs that were able to be rubbed off with a little elbow grease. However, if I were to have a super high definition 10-inch display, I expect more than just protection, and definitely no orange peel."

    • Aapl may not want users to view new 3mil pixel screen through an add on

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      • Zagg better come out with some buy out news or something big. Apple is not one the best quality making devices in the world. In fact engineers have taken apart many phones, and apple rates lower than samsung or nokia in quality products. The big however is that apple has been able sell its marketing scheme by making people desire their junk. For that you gotta give crapple some credit.
        Sooner or later, all companies will start using their own scratch proof (or water) materials. Is only a matter of when, until either Zagg comes out with something different, otherwise is bound to go to pennies. Please contact zagg and tell them to put out some pumping

    • Ipad 2 likely had Gorilla Glass. The question is will the ipad3 use Gorilla Glass 2. Neither Apple or Corning have ever publicly acknowledged Gorilla Glass in iOS products, but the Steve Jobs bio book makes it pretty clear they use it. So, if they do use Gorilla Glass 2 you'll probably not know about it and people will continue to buy protective screens (even if they don't need them).

    • Read article yesterday on nxpi yahoo site,nxpi supplies nfc chips , article is by the street, just re-read it, talks of GG2 glass. By the way I'm not invested in zagg, just passing on info

    • I thought Gorilla Glass is already used in the iPhone 4? If so, why would this be a surprise?

    • Thats the kind of news that would make zagg fall 30% like the ipad 2 release.

      Ill be watching both stocks and the live blog closely for anything crazy like this

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      • Again - this is a non event.

        It is expected that the iPhone and iPad will all use Gorilla Glass. Many android phones currently use it. The iphone 4 used it but they dropped it for the iphone 4s. I think it was a cost issue. But it is now the industry standard.

        Gorilla glass is scratch resistant, not scratch proof and people still buy screen protectors. It will not have much impact if any on Zagg screen protector sales. More important is simply the volume of devices being sold which is still exploding. Good for Zagg.

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