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  • augie9876 augie9876 Feb 6, 2013 4:45 PM Flag

    Well, Well Well

    Down again, when will you learn? One bit of advice, never listen to BABA, he has been around forever and is always wrong. He told investors to buy at 13 and they lost their butts off. This is a company that sells junk. They had people fooled when the product first came out but its over, you can buy the same product any where; flee markets, dollar stores, Five below for 5 times less then what Zagg sells their junk for. The old CEO had to run away after he got caught lying to investors and taking their money, still defending numerous Lawsuits, inventory issues and so on. Read up on the history for those of you that are new to this stock. This is a penny stock that will never go up and will only go down so listen good, get out before it’s to late, don’t average down turn your back and walk away from this troubled company. The only way to play this is to short it to pennies.

    Nuff said


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    • Turds to the right of me, turds to the left of me.

    • This is fun to watch. The shorts were not expecting so much positive news coverage, the impressive earnings history and the true value of Zagg. That makes the short strategy problematic because their only mechanism is to go in deeper. Of course, the irony is that when the squeeze happens, they'll be forced to buy, buy, buy. In other words, the deeper the shorts, the greater the pop when they need to cover. Some people are suggesting that they should start covering now. I'd prefer if they kept shorting and start covering in a "couple" of weeks, hint, hint.

      Augie, the 02/25 bus is headed your way. Will you get out of the way in time? haha. SPLAT.

    • The clock is ticking down on your short strategy augie. Still telling all those old lies? With the truly low share price, the only way for you to justify it is with some lies about fraud. Sure, the CFO of Callaway Golf is on the board and covering up a big scam - right. Not like he has anything to lose. I do appreciate the shorts sticking their necks further into the fire, so I can buy some call options before earnings. Can you please drive it down to about 6 in the next week or so? I'm still holding out for the big trading day and looking forward to seeing that short squeeze. By the way, the CFO presented at the noble conference on jan 22 and said he was very comfortable with the estimates of last quarter, so there is no way there is a downside surprise. what other lies can you orchestrate to get out of this stock now?

    • Augie are you high? Wow, you are smarter than a ton on analyst who are invested in the company. Also all those fund managers who ADDED to their positions over the last 3 months. You must be one smart dude.
      I have one of those "cheap" ZAGG coverings on my phone and love it. If it is good enough to protect the leading edge of multi-million dollar aircraft, it is good enough for my little phone!
      You are a complete short employee or you are the famous "Bob" that is truly screwed on the short side because BBY did not fail and now Tech Data is selling ZAGG products WORLDWIDE!
      Sorry dude, buy to cover as quick as you can before the earnings report crushes you.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Augie - still waiting for the conditions to kick off our semi-annual transfer from your account to mine. The volume just isn't there for me to buy right now but I'm hopeful for a capitulation run. Can you do that for me? I'd love to see a run into the mid-5's but I'd start getting my feet wet at $6.2. I'll let you know when the beating starts as it usually lasts a week or more. Wow, hard to believe it has taken you this long to get back to the price range I bought into last August. I cashed out at $8.7 in 3 weeks and you're still here 6 months later on a short position that you're paying interest on? hmmm.... you might want to cover and go long soon Augie. Whether you believe in Zagg or not your strategy doesn't seem to be working.

    • Okay, I fit the bill, new to the stock off the value play angle, but I will give them the time until after earnings, then decision time...

    • And if your wrong come February 25th, what then?

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