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  • acbaronejr Apr 30, 2013 12:57 PM Flag

    The basic Fundementals are not what they seem

    Like many of you I was initially drawn to this company based on many indicators and could write pages boring many of you with what you already know, however there are way too many red flags stacking up against this stock and you need to listen to them rationally and not become "married" to this or any stock for that matter. My background is inventory management ....having been a VP of purchasing for over 25 years and I can tell you there are a couple very strong warning signs with the company...the first is inventory has grown at an alarming rate compared to sales....are they thinking sales will suddenly increase dramatically or does it indicate re-orders have fallen? Worse yet are return aggrements now coming into play as competition erodes market share and retailers are faced with dead stock? The fact that Best Buy supposidly does not have a return policy is extreamly remote at best. Any way you look at this company even if at one time they were at the top they dont have the ability to adapt and change with the current management team and/or directors..many of whom have very sketchy just resigns two days before earnings come out? And debate all you want about short sellers and what's keeping the share price deflated....with such little volume being traded it becomes a very manipulative situation regardless of the earnings. Also ask yourself why hasnt the board made ANY positive announcements about the buy-back or retaliated with moves to counter all the negative stock slide?....and dont use the "quiet time argument" either.....any board needs to fight and fight hard for the shareholders especially when a stock is under attack....unless of course they themselves dont have enough faith in the company. No one wants to lose their hard earned money but I dont wish to lose my money on manipulators and weak managers ....bottom line. Should the earnings be strong Thursday great I wish you well and hope you profit but consider your long position.

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    • So why did you wait until the earnings announcement to create a profile and post? Why not when the price was higher? Your timing is suspect.

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      • acbaronejr Apr 30, 2013 2:11 PM Flag

        I've been watching for a long time and actually did well when I invested.....but my profit was decreased when I just wouldnt listen to my own far as being "suspect" you are certainly welcome to your own opinion........I no longer have any position or holdings in the company... and as far as timing is concerned have they come out with actual earning figures? I thought this was to happen Thursday unless you are aware of something I am not. As my post suggests I wish the true investors well....and loath manipulators.....whether it's long or short investing when the average investor uses tools of discovery via hard investigative efforts for that basis I applaud them.....and that's my opinion which I am entitled to.

      • Good thing your weren't my VP of Purchasing, I would have fired you. "Inventory has grown at an alarming rate, compared to sales.." Well, inventory turns have improved dramatically in 2010, 2011 and 2012, going from 2.2 turns to 3.2 turns to 3.6 turns in 2012. That indicates that inventory efficiency has greatly IMPROVED.

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