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  • delphioracle2009 delphioracle2009 Aug 27, 2013 9:23 PM Flag

    iPhone 5S & 5C on Sept 10th, Google Cutting Nexus 4 price by 30% for Nexus 5 release ... ZAGG to $10

    iPhone 5S & 5C on Sept 10th, Google Cutting Nexus 4 price by 30% for Nexus 5 release ...

    New devices could increase sale of ZAGG accessories so much that its PPS could cross over $10 by Christmas ...

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    • Mobile accessory maker ZAGG, who is specialized in APPL accessories might be worth at lest 2013 P/E valuation of 20, which translates to about $9.2/share and 2014 P/E of about 18, which is about which is also about $9.9/share ... compared to PE of LOGI & SKUL ...

      Among all 3 accessory makers LOGI, SKUL & ZAGG the later is the best positioned and has the lowest P/E ratio for 2013 (LOGI 20.33, SKUL 41 & ZAGG 10.57) & 2014 (LOGI 32.24, SKUL 18.62 & ZAGG 8.83) and also the lowest PEG ratio (LOGI 1.15, SKUL 7.23 & ZAGG 0.87).

      On top of that it is now has probably over 23% of the float in short position, which makes ZAGG a good short squeeze candidate that might give 2x return upon high volume of iPhone 5S & 5C ...

    • Last week you were predicting $5.50 by Friday 8/23, which was off by almost a buck. Now your predicting $10 by Christmas?

      You still don't get it. For the past two years phone manufacturers have introduced new products and ZAGG's sales have increased as a result. Until recently, ZAGG has report quarter over quarter growth, and still the stock has dropped in value. New product coming does not make a difference!

      You can promote that new products equals better days for ZAGG until your blue in the face, the historical facts prove otherwise. ZAGG does not have a product problem, or a market problem, or a brand problem. They have a management problem. Fire Randy Hales and replace him with someone who knows how to transition a $250 million company into a billion dollar company and you will see positive change. AND NO, I AM NOT SHORT.

      Sentiment: Buy

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