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  • delphioracle2009 delphioracle2009 Sep 11, 2013 12:52 AM Flag

    ZAGG worth better PPS than LOGI ... , its Game Controller, cash flow & P/E far superior than LOGI ...

    AAPL accessory maker ZAGG might be worth at lest 2013 P/E valuation of 20, which translates to about $9.2/share and 2014 P/E of about 18, which is about which is also about $9.9/share ... compared to PE of LOGI & SKUL ...

    Among all 3 accessory makers LOGI, SKUL & ZAGG the later is the best positioned and has the lowest P/E ratio for 2013 (LOGI 20.33, SKUL 41 & ZAGG 10.57) & 2014 (LOGI 32.24, SKUL 18.62 & ZAGG 8.83) and also the lowest PEG ratio (LOGI 1.15, SKUL 7.23 & ZAGG 0.87).

    On top of that it is now has probably over 23% of the float in short position, which makes ZAGG a good short squeeze candidate that might give 2x return upon high volume of iPhone 5S & 5C ...

    Caliber Game Controller for iPhone from ZAGG looks much superior to the one from LOGI ...

    With alomst 2x pershare cash flow thatn LOGI, ZAGG worth over $10, based on its Game Controller, cash flow & P/E that are far superior than LOGI

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    • And yet the stock continues to flounder. You do realize that the more you push this unrealistic dream of yours the worst your credibility is. You cant measure ZAGG by the valuations. Their valuations have always been good. Their revenue has historically grown, quarter over quarter until these last two quarters. The have expanded their channel programs and their product is now on the shelves at Target. For all the things the company does right, the management team still does not know how to leverage their success and turn that into higher stock value. I wish it were different, but the history of this stock shows the reality of the situation. ZAGG will continue to languish until the board replaces Randy Hales and finds someone who can affect real change. Until then, your comments and suggestions, as good intention-ed as they are, are just white noise. Generally speaking, Investors are no longer excited about this stock. They are not listening. It is now a wait-and-see stock.

    • if zagg is such a great opportunity then why is the stock price down again today? while logitech is up? zagg cant execute. they announced a game controller in jan and couldnt get developer support. logitech can launch a global game controller, zagg has insufficient global distribution. logitech has better product development talent, they haven't shown what their game controller really looks like yet. logitech's p/e is low because they are investing in rapid transformation, so net margin is very low. logitech has a brand name in gaming, zagg doesnt. logitech ceo has promised increase in earnings from 50 to 150 million in 2 years with only 10% growth - and he is already delivering gross margin increases in last quarter. zagg's invisishield business continues to dive (through last quarter) better management at logitech can be trusted, does anyone trust hales????

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