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  • bowonwing bowonwing Oct 28, 2009 4:28 PM Flag

    In VBMFX @ $10.37 from VFICX @ $9.58

    Got in a little late in VFICX, Intermediate-Term Corporate Fund, yielding 4.28%, but still up about 10%. Also comparing VFSTX, Short-Term Corporate Fund, yielding 2.61%, at about $10.56, with VBMFX, Total Bond Mkt Index, yielding 3.38%.

    IMO bonds are headed down, so I thought less down-side potential with VBMFX than VFICX. Of course VFSTX would be the safest of the three.

    Any comments? TIA

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    • Holding onto both vbmfx and vficx but regretting it after yesterday's fed meeting.
      Looks like ALL bonds, government and corporate will take a tumble.
      Noplace to hide from this man's admittedly limited view.
      Can't put it all into vipsx.

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      • let the bond market price action tell the tale. $USB closed at 118 last week:$usb (chart goes to default, enter $ usb)

        <118 and then <115, watch out, the bond market is saying interest rates are going up. Still, could be somewhere in Q2 or Q3 2010.

        P.S. The Fed disposed of > $2 Trillion dollars in the "bailout" and has not disclosed where this money went. The only entity doing anything about it, as for as I know, is Bloomberg News, which is suing the Fed under the FOIA to find out where this money went. But then again, the banks own the Fed anyway, so where do think the money went? Pretty scary- and it gets even better ...

        Goggle "financial bailout" and ABC News has an article that the costs is > $17 Trillion!! which went to the Banking cabal, Wall Street and a few selected businesses "to big to fail." The total publicly traded U.S. debt is < $ 8 Trillion, to put this in perspective.

        Read: "The Creature from Jekell Island- A Second Look at the Federal Reserve" by G. Edward Griffin, you can find it at Amazon.

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