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  • mturner_71 mturner_71 Jan 25, 2013 8:26 AM Flag

    The company is running well

    Pennystock scam orchestrated by one Michael Lombardi of Lombardi publishing...
    Big loser for me. LOL. Live and learn.

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    • 多元人共迎新年,开启新希望   
      多元环球水务总经理王立新首先带来了公司董事会对全体员工新年的问候,并对2012年公司取得的成绩予以了高度的肯定,对2013寄予了更高的期望。王总表示,随着业务规模的扩大、市场需求的变化,2012年公司的组织结构以及业务范围进行了优化调整,安定生产基地落成使用、廊坊生产基地升级改造完成,多元的生产制造能力进一步提高,产品覆盖面进一步扩大。2012虽然取得了可喜的成绩,但也面临着更多的挑战。各部门需建立统筹观念,提高全局意识,戮力同心,共同完成2013年的各项目标。 总经理乔荣琳、金莲实也向大家致以了新年的问候。


      The yuan of New Year, open a new hope
      December 29, 2012
      Chunhui law back gradually, Vientiane to begin the update, all employees of Duoyuan Global Water togetherness, say goodbye to a very good job of 2012, to meet the hopeful 2013! December 29 diverse people gathered in the multi-stability base, to host the 2013 New Year's Day party, to spend New Year .
      Duoyuan Global Water general manager Wang Lixin first brought to the Board of Directors of the Company on New Year's greetings of all staff and the achievements of the company in 2012 to be a high degree of certainty, placed higher expectations on the 2013. With the expansion of the scale of the business, changes in market demand, organizational structure and business scope of the company in 2012 were the optimal adjustment of stability and production base ready for use, the the Langfang production base upgrade is complete, diversified manufacturing capabilities to further improve Wang , further expand the product coverage. 2012 has made gratifying achievements, but also faces more challenges. Departments need to establish the overall concept, to raise global awareness together - together to accomplish the goals of 2013. The general manager Qiaorong Lin Jinlian real to my New Year's greetings.
      The event also outstanding employees of 2012, the company was awarded.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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