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  • heywood1692 heywood1692 Oct 15, 2013 8:37 AM Flag

    Time for a change

    This stock is deader than a door nail and the buck stops at the CEO's desk.

    His primary responsibility is to increase shareholder value and he's accomplished just the opposite. I don't care about reasons or excuses, whatever he's attempted has failed. He's apparently unable to attract capital to the company or investors into the stock.

    The BoD's is doing nothing as well!

    Oh yea, that flimsy insider buying was a real buy signal, huh??

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    • Heywood. I disagree with you. Richard has been forthcoming, honest, raised capital at prices above today's level and maintained a tight top on share structure. Management has been active in buying for sometime. The recent purchases show their commitment and hint towards good things to come. Richard is quick to respond to emails, and even took the time to call me after an email inquiry. I trust that they are doing what needs to be done, and can be done to build shareholder value. If you don't see it, don't invest here, or more aptly...why hang around? In my last conversation with Richard he stated that he and management are confident in their current position, that goals are likely to be met, and that they were confident in recent open market purchases. To me that says it all, and you know as well as I that beyond that he cannot disclose much more. ANY stock at this level is a risk. Take it, or don't, but to bash a small, growing company due to lack of patience is unfair. Especially a company that management has managed so well. That is hard to find in sub $1 companies.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • and departure of Mr. Conrad Mir.

        FORM 8-K Sept 30, 2013

        Good news, look at Richard P. Thomley's CV.

      • Come on, really. You're making less and less sense.

        What you're saying to me is Richard is a nice guy, honest, thrifty etc, therefore pbio will be successful and the stock will rage much higher. Is that your premise?

        How are you still trumpeting their recent open market purchases, when those and every previous open market purchases are all losing $$. Last time I believe you called it a buy signal, now thats evolved into their commitment and hint.

        Also, you reference your last conversation with Richard stating his confidence blah blah blah// So what exactly were you expecting him to say, that pbio is in deep financial trouble?? Come on and present your opinions without adding such a large dose of gullibility and naivety.

        Finally, all stocks carry inherent risks, not just ones at this level and I am certainly not bashing this small company. What I am doing is pointing out my observations & opinions. Thats what this forum is for, yes?

        Best i can tell is pbio has little to no capital. Doesnt much matter what your developing product is, hard to market product or stay in business without capital and a stock price inching lower and lower.. This isnt opinion, its fact. Its not bashing either. Frankly, its common sense.

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